First, identify at which selection stage the material is failing:

  1. View the results list in the selection project panel. From the results menus, click on Show: Pass/Fail table, and Rank by: Alphabetical.
  2. Scroll down through the list to find the material name, and view which selection stage(s) the record has failed (indicated by a cross).

Pass/fail table

Review the selection criteria for that selection stage to find out why the material is failing:

  • If the material is failing on a chart stage, then the material can be identified on the chart by right-clicking on the material name in the results list, and clicking on highlight or label.

If the material is not in the results list then it is not included in the data table (or subset of the table) that you are using in the selection project. Change the selection data by clicking on a different table from the Selection Data menu on the Selection Project panel.

Change material subset for Selection Project

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