The Remote Import service is set, by default, to communicate on port 8080.

Unfortunately, port 8080 is quite a common port and is used by many 3rd party applications.



You can see if port 8080 is being used by another application by typing the following at a command prompt

netstat -a -b 

If port 8080 is being used you can change the port by making the following modifications to the configuration of Remote Import.



Please find the lines shown below and change the port value.

<add key="ToolboxWebService:ConnectionPort" value="8080" />

From C:\inetpub\wwwroot\remoteimport\Web.config




<add key="portNumber" value="8080"/>

From C:\Program Files\Granta\RemoteImportServer\RemoteImportService.exe.config

Once these changes have been saved you can restart the Granta Design Remote Import service.



Please email support if you require further assistance.

If your problem relates to GRANTA MI please attach the MI:Viewer logs and MI:Server logs from the time the problem occurred (these are typically located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MI\logs and C:\Program Files\Granta\GRANTA MI\Server\Logs respectively).

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