There are two types of license, Paid-up (with TECS) and Annual Lease licenses. The Paid-up license is floating concurrent, and includes the software for as long as you wish to use it, plus a one-year TECS (Technical Enhancements and Customer Support) license. As well as Ansys technical support, TECS covers any updates to the software in subsequent years, and access to the Granta Education Hub and Quarterly Case Study sessions. The Annual Lease license covers use of the software and all resources, plus Customer Support, for one year.

In terms of legacy Granta license models, an Ansys Paid-up license with TECS is equivalent to a Perpetual license with maintenance, and Annual Lease is equivalent to Enrolment.

Legacy Granta licensing is only available to existing customers who need more time to switch over to the server-based, Flex-enabled licensing model. If you think your institution falls into this category, please email the team at for more information.

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