For students, the online video tutorials, Getting Started exercises and software Help will help them get up to speed quickly.

For educators, we offer various training options:

  • Video tutorials (open access)
  • 1hr quarterly Advanced Industrial Case Study session (included in GRANTA EduPack license)—these online meetings are run by an experienced educator and focus on a topical and industrially-relevant theme.
  • 1.5hr online training session for up to 10 educators (included in GRANTA EduPack license)
  • Workshops (registration fee may apply)—get up to speed on the basics and see some of the more advanced features. Hear from other Materials Educators at other organizations, and get colleagues together to discuss implementation on courses
  • On-site training for up to 20 educators (request pricing information from Ansys Granta)
  • Education webinars (open access) – for GRANTA EduPack teaching inspiration
  • General Granta Design webinars (open access) – for teaching inspiration from an industrial perspective
  • GRANTA EduPack Help, Quick Start Exercises, and Science Notes (included in GRANTA EduPack license)
  • Case studies, exercises and solutions, and other teaching resources on the Granta Education Hub (included in GRANTA EduPack license)
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