These are the most common issues related to running the installer. Double-check that you:

  • Have extracted the files, if your installer was distributed as a .zip.
  • Aren’t installing or uninstalling any other programs whilst running the installer. This includes any updates running in the background.
  • Have a stable Internet connection. Try re-running the installer with a wired Internet connection, or after moving to a place with better WiFi signal.
  • (Classic only) Have a license file (license.lic) in the same folder as your installer, edupack_(introductory_)classic_setup.YYYY_RX.exe.
  • (Flex-enabled only) Have entered the server name correctly during installation. You may see the following error message if there is a typo: “Your license could not be loaded. Please check your license settings, including License Manager server configuration”. Run the installer again to check.

If you are still encountering errors after that, contact your IT administrator.

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