If you are unable to play the videos contained in the MI:Viewer help section of GRANTA MI v10, your installation of IIS may not be configured to handle .mp4 file types.


Please follow these instructions to enable MP4 support.


1). Launch IIS Manager on the GRANTA MI application server.

2). Navigate to and click on ‘Default Web Site’.

3). Double-click the ‘MIME Types’ icon.

4). Click ‘Add’

5). Enter ‘.mp4’ in the File name extension box.

6). Enter ‘video/mpeg’ in the MIME type box and click ‘OK’.

7). Close IIS Manager and try accessing the videos again.




Please email support if you require further assistance.

If your problem relates to GRANTA MI please attach the MI:Viewer logs and MI:Server logs from the time the problem occurred (these are typically located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MI\logs and C:\Program Files\Granta\GRANTA MI\Server\Logs respectively).

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