These instructions are for the flex-enabled version of the software. If you are an existing customer with a Classic license, see How do I install GRANTA EduPack Classic?

To install GRANTA EduPack or GRANTA EduPack Introductory:

  1. Set up license server

All users will need your institution’s Ansys FlexNet license server name and port number.

If your institution currently uses Ansys products, they will already have an Ansys FlexNet license server. However, it must have an up-to-date version of Ansys License Manager to support GRANTA EduPack.

If your institution does not have an Ansys FlexNet server yet, we recommend starting with the Installation and Licensing Help pages and Licensing Guide.

  1. Download the installer
    1. Sign in to the Ansys Customer Portal, and go to Downloads > Current release.
    2. Expand the Primary Packages header and click the GRANTA EduPack button.
    3. Save the .zip file when prompted. This can be distributed to students with the license server name and port number.
  2. Install the software
    1. Extract the files from the .zip.
    2. Double-click the installer edupack(_introductory)_setup.YYYY_RX.exe to run it. You will need to be connected to the Internet and your institution’s network.
    3. Enter the name and port number for your license server.
    4. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing.

To uninstall GRANTA EduPack or GRANTA EduPack Introductory, use Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

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