You need to create an installation package for your students, so that they can install the software without a My Granta account:

  1. Download the installer
    1. Sign in to your My Granta account on the Education Hub Support page.
    2. Click Download, then click the download link to save the installer.
  2. Make it available to your students
    1. Run the installer (edupack_classic_setup.YYYY_RX.exe or edupack_introductory_classic_setup.YYYY_RX.exe).
    2. Enter your My Granta account information when prompted. You will then be given the option to Install now on your own machine, or Create installation package.
    3. Click Create installation package.
    4. Click Continue. This will create a custom installer in a folder. You can then distribute this folder to other licensed users, and they can run the installer without needing to sign in to My Granta.

You can distribute the installation package using a private network, a VLE, or physical media (e.g. USB stick). Students will need to copy the folder to a local drive before installing.

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