This message can appear in a number of places and usually means the account running the GRANTA MI service is unable to connect to the SQL Database.

Please check your MIServer.log files for errors (typical location: C:\Program Files\Granta\GRANTA MI\Server\Logs\MIServer.log)

If you have your SQL database installed on a remote server and you are running the GRANTA MI service as the ‘Local System account’ you may find an error listed as below:

DATE TIME [1] INFO Granta.MI.Server.MIServer - Running as user: 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM'
at Granta.MI.SchemaValidation.SchemaVersionReader.ReadSchemaVersion()
at Granta.MI.SchemaValidation.ValidateSchemaVersion(Boolean isConfigDB, DatabaseMapper mapper, String 
at Granta.MI.ConfigDataServer.Initialise(DatabaseMapper configMapper, String configConnectionString)
at Granta.MI.DataServer.Configure()

Login failed for user 'Domain\GRANTA_MI_Server$

If this is the case you will need to run the GRANTA MI service as a domain account that does have access to SQL or switch to using SQL Authentication in MI:Server Connection. 



Please email support if you require further assistance.

If your problem relates to GRANTA MI please attach the MI:Viewer logs and MI:Server logs from the time the problem occurred (these are typically located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MI\logs and C:\Program Files\Granta\GRANTA MI\Server\Logs respectively).

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