GRANTA EduPack is designed for computers running Windows.  Please note that we are unable to provide specific support or software recommendations for macOS.

However, some students and academics have reported that the following two options allowed them to run CES EduPack on a Mac operating system (both options require you to have a licensed version of Windows):

  • Boot Camp—Boot Camp is software that comes installed with macOS (compatible with macOS 10.6 or later) that allows you to run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac. As Boot Camp runs the Windows operating system directly, the performance of Windows applications is not affected. The downsides of using Boot Camp are the risks involved with re-partitioning the hard drive and the need to boot into Windows each time you wish to use GRANTA EduPack.
  • Install Windows on a virtual machine on your Mac. This allows you to run Windows software, including GRANTA EduPack, from inside macOS as if it were installed on your Mac.
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