In some specialist data tables, such as Prospector Plastics, the same property is often quoted to different test standards. For example, ASTM and ISO standards are quoted for properties on different datasheets.

You can compare materials that have been measured with different standards by creating an advanced attribute on a chart. Use OR logic to include both ASTM and ISO properties on one axis.

In the Chart Stage dialog, click Advanced. Insert an ASTM property, type OR, and then insert an equivalent ISO property e.g. [Tensile Strength (ASTM D638)] OR [Tensile Strength (ISO 527-2)]. Click OK to view the chart.

To select materials, use a box selection on the chart rather than a limit stage, as the advanced attributes will not be listed in the limit stage.

A chart created using Prospector Plastics data table, with ASTM and ISO properties included on each axis by using OR logic. Materials measured using either standard are included on the chart. ASTM materials are colored purple, and ISO materials are colored yellow.

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