MI:Viewer displays the following error message when trying to delete records.

An error occurred while deleting X. Please refresh your browser to see the latest record status.

This may occur for a number of reasons. One cause is where a database runs out of space, for example, if Autogrowth is disabled and the file allocated to the database is full. Check the server log file and ask your database administrator to adjust the database settings.

When records are deleted a summary of that data is stored in a database table. If you have run out of space this summary data cannot be written and MI:Viewer will display the above error.


Please email support if you require further assistance.

If your problem relates to GRANTA MI please attach the MI:Viewer logs and MI:Server logs from the time the problem occurred (these are typically located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MI\logs and C:\Program Files\Granta\GRANTA MI\Server\Logs respectively)

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