GRANTA Selector 2020 Classic Installation Guide

Select using Chart, Limit & Tree stages

Granta Selector Technical Note – Silent or Batch Installation

Granta Selector 2022 R1 Release Notes

What’s New in MI:Materials Gateway Version 5

Importing, exporting and manipulating complex data types

Getting the most from MI:Explore

Techniques for defining your design requirements

How to apply performance indices and penalty functions

Adding in-house or custom data

CES Selector 2019 Exercises

GRANTA Selector 2020 Release Notes

Customize charts and data

GRANTA Selector 2021 R1 Installation Guide

Granta Selector 2022 R1 Classic Installation Guide

Searching and comparing materials data

Customizing the Additive Manufacturing Schema

Access Control and User Management

Hints and tips on applying the systematic selection process in material selection studies

Using the Eco Audit Tool

How to include shape in material selection

CES Selector 2019 Release Notes

Advanced Selection


GRANTA Selector 2021 R1 Release Notes

Granta Selector 2022 R1 Installation Guide

Restricted Substances – Avoiding duplicate data

Exporting data to CAE material cards and other documents

Embedded Equations and Logic

Metals Data – How and when to apply the different metals datasets in CES Selector

What’s new in CES Selector 2017

Use of the Hybrid Synthesizer for lightweight design

CES Selector 2019 Installation Guide

Browse, Search & Chart

GRANTA Selector 2020 Getting Started Exercises

GRANTA Selector 2021 R1 Getting Started Exercises

What’s New in GRANTA MI Version 11

How to use links when designing and creating your GRANTA MI databases

Using Homepages to improve user experience

MI:Materials Gateway v6.0 – An Introduction

Polymer data – how and when to apply the different polymer datasets in CES Selector

Techniques for defining your design requirements

Granta Selector Synthesizer Model Writer’s Guide V5

Compare and Find Similar

GRANTA Selector 2020 R2 Release Notes

Granta Selector 2021 R2 Getting Started Exercises

Importing from Excel

What’s new in GRANTA MI Version 10?

Importing Data from Excel

Material selection – from generic materials to identifying individual grades from specific suppliers

What’s new in CES Selector 2018?

Understanding and applying performance indices

Synthesizer Model Guide V4

Eco Audit

GRANTA Selector 2020 R2 Installation Guide

Granta Selector 2021 R2 Installation Guide

Getting the most from curves and functional data

Introduction to GRANTA MI:Workflow

Exporting Data from GRANTA MI

Considering vibration characteristics in material selection studies

How and when to apply the different selection methodologies and tools in CES Selector

Customizing CES Selector for your needs

CES Selector 2019 Update 1 Release Notes

Functional Data

GRANTA Selector 2020 R2 Classic Installation Guide

Granta Selector 2021 R2 Classic Installation Guide

User Management and Access Control

Preparing for GRANTA MI Version 10

Working with Excel Importers and Exporters

Estimating part cost

Engineering Solver – converting engineering requirements into material properties

How to use the new Part Cost Estimator

GRANTA Selector 2020 Installation Guide

Save & Copy

GRANTA Selector 2021 R1 Classic Installation Guide

Granta Selector 2021 R2 Release Notes

Making use of the new JAHM Curve Data with MI:Explore Version 4.1

Using MI:Scripting Toolkit for QA

Making the Most out of Tabular Data

Using non-linear and curve data in CES Selector

Applying coupling lines – Designs with multiple constraints

Getting the most from the Find Similar tool