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  • Apply integrated tools to manage, organize, analyze, and publish specialist materials information
  • Provide your users with simple web-browser access
  • Combine and connect varied information types—structured and unstructured text, numbers, spreadsheets, charts, images, and graphs, including specialist resources such as design curves
  • Benefit from advanced features to manage deployment, including access control and security
Help materials scientists and engineers to find and use the information that they need    Organize and publish diverse materials information   Mix text, numerical, graphical, chart, and other data   Granta can help government labs worldwide   High tech manufacturers must address materials issues related to packaging and casing as well as electronic components and systems

If you are a publisher, trade association, professional society, government laboratory, or industry consortium working in the field of materials or manufacturing, it is likely that you want to publish materials information or data to end-users. But if you have ever tried publishing materials information on the web or on CD, you will know it is not as straightforward as it might appear! Effective publishing also requires you to make this information easy to access, understand, and use. To succeed, you must address the critical issues of the end-user of the system, as well as meeting your own key objectives.

Examples of critical issues for end-users and publishers 

And you want the overall project to be cost effective. Granta's solution successfully deals with all of these issues.

GRANTA MI for publishing materials information

GRANTA MI is the leading materials information management system, providing tools to capture, control, analyze, and publish materials data. You can use GRANTA MI to build materials information resources and to make these available via a simple-to-use but well-controlled web-browser interface. Features include:

  • Easy-to-use web access
  • An underlying relational database and straightforward publishing tools that make it easy to connect related pedigree or contextual information
  • Integrated searching, material comparison, and reporting tools
  • Easy export to CAE and other software
  • Automatic unit system conversion
  • Tools to view and manage numeric, text, image, and graph data
  • Embedded media capabilities enabling inclusion of any document type—PDF, Excel, Word...
  • Access control and security
  • Flexible data management—authorized users can add and edit information from multiple locations and use tools to summarize and analyze data

A clever search capability will be of great value to publishers who wish to provide materials information online via a GRANTA MI-hosted system. Such data resources can be searched by Google and similar search engines, with the publisher choosing what data is shown and what remains hidden. This means publishers can generate more interest in their information resources without exposing all of their data.

A Google search finds a record in the online Materials for Medical Devices database, powered by GRANTA MI

A Google search returning a link to the Materials for Medical Devices Database (an online information resource hosted by ASM International using GRANTA MI). On clicking through, the Google user sees an abstract that summarizes the relevant record. The full data is available to subscribers only.

Our expertise in publishing materials information derives in part from our own experience of deploying materials data products to a range of user groups including in aerospace design, medical devices, and plastics. This means that not only do you benefit from this experience, but the GRANTA MI system may already be familiar to many of your users. You can also offer your users the benefit of integrated access to your information, along with Granta information, and third party data. Granta works with publishing organizations and scientific or engineering societies to construct information systems tailored to meet their needs. Our services include creating customized systems, migration of data into these systems, and authoring of supporting information.

Example implementations

Medical devices database

ASM Materials Information online: Granta technology powers the largest collection of metals information on the web—including the ASM Handbook, Alloy Center, Micrograph Center, and Failure Analysis Center. Also the new Cardiovascular Materials and Orthopaedic Materials data modules (left).

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The StahlDat SX website provides engineers and materials scientists with simple access to the complete Stahl-Eisen-Liste (Register of European Steels), associated specifications, and properties. The website makes this data quick and easy to browse and search, combining the wealth of steel information compiled by the Stahlinstitut with Granta's industry-leading technology for managing, sharing, and using materials information.

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MTI logo

The Materials Technology Institute is a not -for-profit technology development organization representing leading enterprises in fields including materials production, oil and gas, and chemicals. Granta is enabling member organizations of MTI to search books, project reports, monographs and guidelines.

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The UK Steel Association's SteelSpec Web Edition is the latest version of their publication "Steel Specifications" and contains summaries of British, European and some International steel standards, together with selected proprietary steel grades.

SteelSpec homepage 

PGM database

The PGM Database is a platinum group metals database from the International Platinum Association, Johnson Matthey, and Anglo Platinum.

The PGM Database homepage 

MI-21 logo

MI-21 (Metals Information for the 21st Century) is an information service that brings together, online, key data from the comprehensive knowledge bases of the World Metal Index (WMI) and TWI (The Welding Institute). The service, overall, provides technical information on over 300,000 engineering metals and welding consumables.

MI-21 website 

matdata logo provides integrated access to information from ASM International, Japan's National Institute of Materials Science, TWI, and the UK's NPL.