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  • Save time, reduce risk, and increase service life with a single, reliable, easy-to-use source of corporate materials data
  • Manage your materials selection rules in a central system and deploy company-wide
  • Make informed materials selection decisions based on performance requirements and operating conditions
  • Integrate access to in-house test, QA, and design data with trusted industry reference data and Standards
  • Empower your materials scientists & engineers by dramatically improving the capture, analysis, and deployment of critical data
  • Provide a framework and the organizational discipline to support Fitness for Service testing

Products and services

GRANTA MI for materials data management

Materials-related data can be critical. You need to capture and retain data on mechanical performance, corrosion behavior, wear, fluid compatibility—all of which depend on complex factors like temperature, salinity, and pressure. Your customers have demanding requirements and you cannot afford to deliver sub-optimal products or keep them waiting for answers. You need a way for your engineers to have the right information at their fingertips, and a way to make better decisions right first time. Granta works with leading industry partners to develop a best-practice approach to these challenges, embodied in the GRANTA MI software system.

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Reliability and Maintenance

When equipment needs maintenance or repair, time is critical. But all too often the materials or welding consumables specified in the original designs are withdrawn or no longer available, and identifying a substitute can be a daunting process. Granta's solution combines reference data—including tens of thousands of current and withdrawn alloys from dozens of Standards Bodies, and around 30,000 welding consumable products—with powerful tools for substitution and equivalence, so that reliable, sourceable alternatives can be quickly identified.

You may also be involved with procedures such as those described in the API 579 / ASME FFS "Fitness for Service" Standard, which specifies assessment techniques to demonstrate structural integrity of flawed in-service parts. These techniques require significant levels of organizational discipline—gathering test data, sharing & analyzing results, and ensuring that knowledge is captured and re-used rather than lost. Granta provides best practice templates and a powerful software framework to manage the underlying information needed for such service life extension initiatives.

Eco design and regulations

Every engineering organization must now design with environmental regulations in mind. Eco objectives, such as reducing wastes and emissions, are also increasingly important. Materials are central to these issues, because regulation constrains what materials can be used, and because materials properties determine much of the environmental impact of products. Granta provides software tools and reference data to help address environmental issues during design.

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Specialist reference data

Granta provides easy, cost effective access to quality reference data on metals, alloys, elastomers, & other typical industry materials. Examples include: the complete list of European steel standards; property data for alloys specified by dozens of Standards Bodies including ASTM, AISI, ASME, and API; over 70,000 polymer datasheets; the NIMS creep and fatigue data (resulting from over 40 years of longevity testing at Japan's National Institute of Materials Science); and the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Part II-D, Materials, the leading source of standards information and specifications relating to materials for use in boilers, pressure vessels, and power plant components.

  • Rapidly search, manipulate, and apply authoritative data in analysis and design.
  • Locate materials that have desired properties (or combinations of properties) rather than simply look up known materials.
  • Identify withdrawn grades and specifications, and find available substitutes.
  • Compare materials quickly and easily: select the right material for your application.
  • Export data directly to computer aided engineering and design packages.
  • Ensure that all of your engineers see the same, up-to-date, version of the data.

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Other products & services

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CES Selector for rational selection of materials and processes, eco design tools, and tools to plot and compare materials properties.

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway delivers the materials data you need directly within CAD, CAE, or PLM software.

Granta services, helping you make the most of your materials information.



Comparing various API material specs for an oil & gas application using the MI-21 database

Comparing various API material specs for an oil & gas application using the MI-21 database