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Granta supports makers and users of plastics Granta supports makers and users of metals and alloys
Granta software manages data on processing as well as materials properties Manage test data and select the right materials for composites

Materials Producers


  • Manage and deploy your materials information—ensure that it is searchable, traceable, secure, consistent, up-to-date
  • Identify new opportunities using tools to visualize and predict your products' performance in the competitive landscape
  • Use industry standard software to service key customers and involve them more closely in your materials development process
  • Demonstrate the advantages of your products to customers through clear graphical presentation of material comparisons and online interactive services

The materials industry has never been more competitive. Margins are tight, customer requirements are increasingly demanding, and materials are being pushed to the limits of their performance. New legislation on restricted substances and new environmental initiatives in manufacturing present additional challenges—but also opportunities to the materials producer who can respond quickly with the appropriate declarations and advice.

Every department of a materials producing organization generates and consumes materials information: from customer datasheets to marketing brochures, from raw test data to simulation models. This information must be controlled, searchable, up-to-date and usually delivered in a multitude of different formats to the people who need it—both internally and by customers.

Your materials information is your greatest asset—Granta helps you control and apply it to give you the best possible competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Products and services

GRANTA MI for materials information management

A single, central system - No more wasted hours and days trying to track down a missing piece of materials information. No more confusion over which spreadsheet contains the most up-to-date properties. No more errors and rework caused by uncertainty over the pedigree of test data. No more delayed sales cycles where your customers are kept waiting for the information they need to make a decision. GRANTA MI, the leading materials information management system for engineering enterprises, solves all of these problems.

Integration with the engineering desktop—the accurate, up-to-date, approved materials information in your GRANTA MI system can be deployed to application engineers and customers within their routine workflows. For example, you can provide design curves for simulation packages such as FEA analysis. You can ensure that data about your products is available in the format that people need, helping your customer-facing staff and providing value-added services to your customers.

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Publishing information on your materials

How can you ensure that potential customers choose your materials? How can you guarantee global reach and awareness of your products? How can you be sure that the information you publish is up-to-date?

You can choose to expose part of an in-house materials information resource created in GRANTA MI to the Internet, for public access or for secure access by key customers. This enables you to go far beyond just publishing static datasheets. You can provide a professional, interactive engineering tool that makes data about your products easy to search, browse, and view directly in your customers' web browsers. You can also offer your key customers the benefit of secure, integrated access to your R&D information – involving them more closely every stage of your product development process.

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A Material Producer's Guide to Materials Information Technology

Granta's new Guide describes 'Five Practical Steps to Protect and Increase your Market Share'. Download your copy (at no cost) today 


CES Selector mapping materials property space

CES Selector mapping materials property space—helps market analysis and materials positioning

CES Selector for market analysis and positioning

If you are developing or marketing new materials you face a number of challenges: How do you identify gaps in the market? How do you identify opportunities to rationalize and simplify your product lines? How do you demonstrate that your products are better than those of your competitors?

The CES Selector software provides powerful tools to plot and analyze materials property data. Combined with Granta's extensive library of materials data products, these tools help you to explore materials space—analyze the market and communicate the advantages of your products. For example, you can easily create charts that plot any combination of materials properties or performance indices, providing a quantitative and highly visual way to analyze the relative performance of materials and to present this information to customers.

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Other products

Granta data products provide engineering, eco, and price data for plastics, metals, composites, and ceramics.

GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances helps you assess and avoid restricted substance risk relating to your materials.