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At NASA Granta enables "a central engineering information database that not only contains typical material property information but also entire response histories... all associated pedigree information, as well as related applications, failures and reference documents." More 

At Cambridge University, GRANTA MI has been used to capture the results of research projects and re-use them in later work. More 

Granta helps research Granta can help government labs worldwide
Ecodesign and the environmental impact of materials is an issue of increasing concern—Granta can help Granta helps space agencies and suppliers including NASA

Government Agencies & Research Labs


  • Access authoritative materials information for research or design
  • Publish materials data for regulatory or standards purposes
  • Manage your data from testing, design, or simulation and share it with your research partners
  • Analyze data to inform materials selection, substitution, or design

Government agencies, laboratories, and other research projects may have widely differing requirements for materials information management and analysis, depending on their focus and responsibilities. However, a number of critical issues are likely to recur:

The need to access or publish reference information—you might need to get up-to-date data on materials and processes. Or you may work for a regulatory authority that needs to collate, analyze, approve, and publish such data. In either case, you face the difficulties of distributing and using complex materials information efficiently across many users.

The need to manage materials knowledge—whether your data relates to materials testing, modeling, simulation, or design, you will need to capture it, facilitate analysis, make it available across research groups or project teams, and make sure that it is retained so that it can be accessed by future projects.

The need to share information securely with collaborators—similar issues are faced in collaborative environments, for example, within large organizations such as a National Labs, or within government/industry collaborative projects. There is often a need to control access to data that may be commercially sensitive or even relate to national security.

The need to use materials data—scientists and engineers use materials information to inform design and decision making. For example, you may be looking for guidance in developing an advanced composite material, or analyzing the environmental impact of products with a view to developing guidelines on materials retirement or substitution.

Granta can help.

Products and services

GRANTA MI for research projects

GRANTA MI is the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises and research. With GRANTA MI you can create a single materials information resource for your research group, department, or whole organization. You can import data from testing, research projects, design, and trusted references.

GRANTA MI tools help you to manage, analyze, and maintain this data, and to publish it in a secure and controlled manner. Any authorized user can then access, search, and browse this data through a simple web browser user interface, assured that it is relevant, traceable, and the best available.

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Eco design and eco regulations

Every engineering organization must now design with environmental regulations such as REACH in mind. Eco objectives are increasingly central to government projects. Materials are central to these issues, because regulation constrains what materials can be used, and because materials properties determine much of the environmental impact of products. Granta develops and applies software and data solutions to aid design around environmental constraints.

Eco Audit Tool for eco design 

GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances package 

Collaborative Projects

Granta's involvement in collaborative projects 


CES Selector mapping materials property space

CES Selector mapping materials property space

CES Selector for charting and selection

CES Selector is PC-based software that aids critical decisions on materials, processes, and eco design. You can use it to support rational selection, performing in-depth analyses to identify optimal materials and process choices. CES Selector provides specialist design tools, including for lightweight hybrid materials. And you can easily plot, compare, and present the properties of metals, plastics, and composites.

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Other products

Granta data products provide engineering, eco, and price data for plastics, metals, composites, and ceramics.