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Granta helps manufacturers of consumer appliances Granta helps manufacturers of industrial equipment
Granta helps manufacturers of domestic equipment Manage test data and select the right materials for high performance applications

Industrial & Consumer Equipment


  • Apply materials information to optimize materials strategy—for example, improving cost, performance, or environmental impact
  • Implement strategies—for example, managing preferred suppliers programs or deploying approved data to designers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance—for example, with EuP, RoHS, REACH, and WEEE legislation
  • Control and manage testing and quality assurance data to increase efficiency and protect corporate knowledge

The right materials and processing choices make a big difference to manufacturers of industrial and consumer equipment—products such as white goods, automotive parts, air conditioning, heating systems, plumbing, tools, pumps, motors, valves, and actuators. Such products contain many components and a wide variety of materials—metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. The engineering properties of these materials (mechanical, thermal, and electrical) determine product performance. But, if you work in these industries, you will also need to consider cost and environmental impact. You must not only meet functional requirements, you must also take into account the practicalities of procurement, the supply chain, and global manufacturing. And you must satisfy regulations and quality standards.

Achieving these multiple, often conflicting, objectives requires the right information on materials, their properties, and their processing. And it requires practical tools to manage, access, and apply that information in design. Granta can help.

Products and services

GRANTA MI for materials strategy

In a manufacturing enterprise you typically use hundreds of different materials, supporting hundreds of different applications. Your organization is probably split across different businesses or sites. Regulation and global manufacturing pose further challenges. Granta can help you to consolidate and control all relevant materials data and information, and to use it to make better, more consistent materials decisions enterprise-wide. Results are lower costs, reduced risk, and fewer eco or manufacturing problems.

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GRANTA MI Materials Strategy package 

Eco design and eco regulations

Environmental objectives, such as lowering the energy usage of products, are increasingly important to competitiveness. And every engineering organization must now design with environmental regulations such as REACH in mind. Materials are central to these issues, because regulation constrains what materials can be used, and because materials properties determine much of the environmental impact of products. Granta develops and applies software and data solutions to aid design around environmental constraints.

GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence package 

CES Selector for materials selection

CES Selector is PC-based software that aids critical decisions on materials, processes, and eco design. You can use it to support rational selection, performing in-depth analyses to identify optimal materials and process choices. CES Selector provides specialist design tools, including for lightweight hybrid materials. And you can easily plot and compare the properties of metals, plastics, and composites.

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MI:Materials Gateway access to materials data within the Abaqus/CAE environment

MI:Materials Gateway access to materials data within the Abaqus/CAE environment

Support for engineering design and analysis

You need accurate, up-to-date materials property information as input to your CAD, CAE, FEA or other engineering software. Granta helps you to manage and control this vital information and to provide access from directly within these third-party applications including Abaqus/CAE, Pro/ENGINEER, and Autodesk Inventor.

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway 

Industrial Design

Materials play a key role in design, informing the final look and feel of your product. Granta helps you make better use of materials knowledge to inspire industrial design teams, while ensuring that the colors, textures and surface finishes that they specify are achievable, and are accurately translated into engineering requirements.

GRANTA MI:Industrial Design Package 

Other products

Granta data products provide engineering, eco, and price data for plastics, metals, composites, and ceramics.

Granta services help you make the most of your materials information