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Granta for WindWind Technology

  • Manage critical materials information from testing, QA, research, design
  • Apply a system designed for composites data in collaboration with leading aerospace and energy enterprises.
  • Benefit from traceability and data aggregation for greater statistical confidence, pushing materials closer to their performance limits
  • Improve the efficiency of your product development process—provide materials data to simulation engineers and designers, when and where they need it
  • Make better materials decisions, balancing cost and performance
  • Retain and manage knowledge about highly complex composite materials—with zero data loss

How Granta can help

Granta Design are the materials information technology experts. Our solutions ensure efficient management and application of materials information, empowering materials scientists, engineers, and product design teams to improve product performance and reduce risk.

Growing demand for wind energy and renewables is driving the development of bigger, lighter, and more cost effective turbine blades, towers, and innovative designs together with more efficient and reliable drivetrains. The materials information required to lead innovation in this area is complex to manage and use, covering advanced characterization (including blade compression, fatigue, or rheology test results), analysis, and certification. It is often dependent on factors such as geometry and process history, which can be specific to each application. Granta can help:

Enable a fast, effective iterative design process

Failures at design reviews cause delays. The materials data management capabilities of GRANTA MI™ can help reduce variation in design, simulation, and modeling by providing accurate, consistent, and approved materials data to engineers and designers, when and where they need it.

Balance cost and performance

When you harness your corporate materials knowledge and data in a single, secure, and searchable system, you reduce the need for costly retesting and save time accessing critical information. This helps you to effectively balance cost and performance as you push the boundaries of material capabilities.

Improve product reliability

Product failures and unplanned down-time can create a negative image of your product, affecting your competitiveness in the market place. GRANTA MI promotes better material understanding, allowing for more accurate prediction of life-span and service intervals. With full traceability of materials data and analysis from in-service testing through production, quality assurance, design, and materials testing, problems can be thoroughly investigated and product improvements tracked.

Support wind energy certification

Efficient capturing and reporting on the pedigree of data (test methods, test data, constituent materials, and processing information) supports compliance with wind turbine standards (such as IEC Type Certification system, IEC 61400-22/IEC WT 01, and guidelines from DNV and GL).

Products and services

GRANTA MI for materials data management

GRANTA MI is now established as the industry standard materials information management system, supporting the high performance engineering requirements of the wind industry. Materials professionals use it to manage, analyze, certify, and maintain materials information throughout the materials lifecycle. Engineers, designers, analysts, EH&S professionals, managers, and others use it to access and apply approved, up-to-date, traceable materials information within their routine workflows.

GRANTA MI has been designed for engineering realities through collaboration with top aerospace, defense, and energy enterprises in the Materials Data Management Consortium.. By creating a single corporate materials information resource for both proprietary data and trusted references, it helps you save time, reduce risk in the use of critical data, and avoid lost data and duplicated work. Powerful software tools allow you to control, analyze, compare, and apply materials data, enabling better materials decisions, helping optimize product performance and cost, and allowing you to address regulatory and other strategic issues. Granta offers several combined software and data ‘packages’ smoothing implementation for specific applications:

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Other products & services

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CES Selector for rational selection of materials and processes, eco design tools, and tools to plot and compare materials properties.

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway delivers the materials data you need directly within CAD, CAE, or PLM software.

Granta services, helping you make the most of your materials information.


GRANTA MI:Composites Package

Granta can provide you with best practice composite data management, helping you retain and re-use knowledge from testing, QA, research, and design, maintaining all of your composite data and analysis (e.g., STAT-17) in one place. It also provides easy access to trusted reference data: CMH-17, NCAMP, AGATE.

MI:Composites package 

GRANTA MI for metals

The GRANTA MI:Metals Template, available with the MI:Test Data Management package, supports efficient management of metal property data through the lifecycle from raw test results to design-strength data, integrated with comprehensive reference data including European steel standards and temperature-dependent properties from the authoritative Stahl-Eisen-Liste, and chemical, mechanical and physical properties of steels from TWI and WMI.

MI:Test Data Management package 

Eco design and regulations

Every engineering organization must now design with environmental regulations such as REACH in mind. Eco objectives, such as reducing wastes and emissions, are also increasingly important. Materials are central to these issues, because regulation constrains what materials can be used, and because materials properties determine much of the environmental impact of products. Granta provides software tools and reference data to help address environmental issues during design.

GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances package 

Granta customers

To find out more about what Granta are doing to support   those in the Wind Power sector, read our customer case study here 


Viewing ASME data in GRANTA MI - click for a larger image. Users can browse the data using the tree view (left) or use the GRANTA MI search and query features. Datasheets display text, numerical, and graph data—click on the graph to export the underlying data to Excel. Data is accompanied by links to PDF copies of the original ASME handbook pages for full traceability.