Supersonic (a European Union FP7 project)

Type: Completed Collaborative Project


Partners: University of Krakow AGH, MBN Nanomaterialia S.p.A., Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Univ. of Barcelona (Thermal Spray Centre), MATRES scrl, SKF Aerospace France, Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals, Granta Design, Falex tribology NV, Impact Innovations

The basic scientific and technological aim of the Supersonic project was the generation of nanostructured coatings. A powerful new deposition technology (Cold Gas Spray) was adopted to generate innovative multifunctional “reactive” nanophased powders, allowing their transfer onto the substrate in the form of coatings with very little or no change of crystal structure and properties. Granta developed capabilities in applying surface treatments to parts within the CAD environment as well as building databases of coatings relevant to industrial customers.