ResCom (a European Union FP7 project)

Type: Active Collaborative Project


Partners: KTH, Fraunhofer, TU Delft, INSEAD, Eurostep, Ideal & Co, Granta Design, Gorenje, Tedrive Steering, Loewe, Bugaboo, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The main objective of the “Resource Conservative Manufacturing” (ResCoM) project is to develop an innovative framework and a collaborative software platform for the industrial implementation of closed-loop manufacturing systems. To support the pilot operations, the ResCoM consortium will develop a software platform consisting of a closed-loop product lifecycle management module coupled with a materials information module. The platform will help guide design decisions by illustrating the benefits of clclosed-looproduct design in terms of resource efficiency, CO2 production and energy use, and will provide business metrics such as lifecycle cost estimates, rapid identification of critical materials, product specific and remanufacturing considerations and legislative requirements. Granta are providing web based tools for the assessment of Bills of Materials in relation to the life cycle impacts associated with products transitioning from a Linear economy to a Circular Economy.