Type: Active Collaborative Project

Funding: EU H2020 DT-NMBP-07-2018  


Partners: AC2T Research GMBH (Coordinator), ATOS Spain SA, Bundesanstalt Fuer Materialforschung und Pruefung, Fundacion Tekniker, Granta Design Ltd, Lulea Tekniska Universitet, Moventas Wind OY, Toyota Motor Europe NV, Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT OY, Trygonal Iberia SL

i-TRIBOMAT aims to establish the world first open test bed of tribological materials characterisation to support industrial innovations among European manufacturing industries and SMEs by upscaling materials to the mechanical components level. i-TRIBOMAT open test bed enables user-driven versatile characterisation of materials at reduced costs by also shortening the time-to-market. i-TRIBOMAT will establish an IT-platform for materials and tribological data harmonisation, management, analytics, sharing and mining and will supply lab-to-field upscaling tools by combining testing with computation. Services will be validated by three industrially relevant use cases: energy efficiency (transportation), renewable energy (wind turbine) and manufacturing (seals) represented by large-, medium- and small-sized companies. i-TRIBOMAT will be THE European Single Entry Point offering intelligent Tribological Materials Characterisation to predict the durability of materials in use or novel for a wide field of industrial applications. Granta’s role is to provide a materials information management system to support the Open Innovation Test Best.