Type: Active Collaborative Project

Website: www.flexpol.eu

Partners: Fraunhofer-IPT, Fundacion Tekniker, Granta Design, Universidade Do Minho, Asociacion Insituto Biodonastia, Fundacio Institut Catala De Nanociencia I Nanotecnologia, Propagroup, Universidad De Alicante, SO.F.TER. SPA, Naturality Research & Development

FLEXPOL aims to develop a pilot line for the production of a cost effective antimicrobial (AM) adhesive film for its use in hospitals. The obtained adhesive film will inhibit growth of a wide range of microbes and will be suitable for high-touch surfaces, providing a durable protection with good resistance. It will assure the highest level of hygiene and patient safety, reducing the use of disinfectants. These objectives will be achieved using a multi-functional approach combining prevention of adhesion with killing of microorganisms, by means of essential oil emulsions embedded in a micro and nanopatterned polypropylene matrix. Previously validated technologies constitute the basis of the approach. These technologies will be extended to large-scale production and demonstrated in a real operational environment. The pilot line will include real time characterization for inspection of the film at the nanoscale. Materials are chosen according to their cost for large-scale application. Granta is providing an enterprise-level materials information database to support the scale-up of pilot line based on traceability and reporting of materials and process information for commercialization, regulations (risk, biomedical, environmental), and implementation of the product.