Type: Past Collaborative Project

Partners: Rolls-Royce, Monitor Coatings, Ashton & Moore, Indestructible Paint, The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Birmingham University, Loughborough University

European legislation (REACH) requires the elimination of hexavalent Chromium, which is carcinogenic, by September 2017. Current alternatives do not give acceptable performance, so new replacements are needed. This supply chain consortium was put together to address this issue. The project formulated a new sacrificial coating for corrosion porotection of steel aero engine components, with a focus on an improved science-based understanding of the coating behavior. Granta provided a single shared source of knowledge (based on GRANTA MI) used by all of the partners to capture and consolidate materials knowledge from alternative costing systems and evaluating risks associated with these systems to aid appropriate down selection and further enhancing their existing reporting tools in line with industry needs.