Accelerated Metallurgy (an EU FP7 project)

Type: Completed Collaborative Project


Partners: Airbus Defense and Space, AGH, ARC Centre of Excellence, ArcelorMittal, Avantys, Avio, University of Birmingham, Bruker, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, CCFE, CNRS, Centro Richerche Fiat, DTU, ESA, ESRF, Flamac, Fraunhofer IPM, Granta Design, ILL, Johnson Matthey, Magnesium Elektron, Molycorp Silment, Norsk Titanium, Renishaw, Rolls-Royce, Universite de Rouen, University of Sheffield, Sintef, TLS Technik, Universita Degli Studi di Torino, Universitay of Ulm

Referred to as the ‘Human Genome Project of Alloys‘, Accelerated Metallurgy aimed to provide a rapid and systematic way of producing and testing the properties of previously untried alloy combinations. Combining the latest technologies with advanced computer modelling, the ‘virtual alloy library’ quickly highlighted the most promising new materials. These were taken on for further laboratory assessment. The accelerated discovery of these alloy formulations will soon be providing industrial solutions with huge benefits for society. Granta built the Virtual Alloy Library, a single shared source of knowledge (based on GRANTA MI) used by all of the partners to capture and consolidate materials knowledge from new alloy specimens and simulated alloy compositions.