Key benefits

Increase productivity by avoiding hours wasted looking for data, and unnecessary repeats of materials tests

Maximize your use of corporate IP: ensure zero data loss and avoid wasted investment

Save costs and reduce time to market: multi-million dollar benefits for larger organizations

Reduce risks of errors that lead to delays, quality issues, or legal liabilities

Get more performance from products: more and better data helps optimize design allowables.

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GRANTA MI:Test Data Management Package

Test Data ManagementEnsure that your organization gets maximum return on investment from your materials testing and qualification programs by securely and traceably managing the entire materials data lifecycle, from capture to use in design.

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Case studies: Rolls-Royce, Cessna, Sulzer Pumps, Honeywell Aerospace, and NASA.

The Granta solution for materials test data management has been developed and optimized in collaboration with leading engineering enterprises including the members of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC). More on the MDMC  

Browsing a record for an aerospace alloy in the
MI:Viewer web browser app

Plotting materials data from different records in the
MI:Mat Analyzer app

How MI:Test Data Management helps

Key Features
Problems Solved
GRANTA MI is the industry-standard for managing the full materials data lifecycle, with best-practice templates and tools for complex materials such as high-performance alloys, composites, welds, additively-manufactured parts. Fully integrated with a rich library of quality materials reference data.

Materials data can be complex
and difficult or expensive to obtain.

Data is captured directly from test machines or via controlled workflows. Workflows can also be used to ensure that data goes through the appropriate analysis and approvals.

Data is often lost, or ineffectively shared, causing tests to be repeated or design decisions to be made with incorrect information.

You can integrate tools for fast, effective analysis, data reduction, or material modelingfrom Granta, third parties, or in-house. GRANTA MI automatically captures and links related information, such as analysis results, raw test data, and materials pedigree: you can have full confidence in the data you are using.

Raw materials test data must be processed into design data or material models for simulation. Manual processing is prone to error and are often not auditable, limiting the value of the resulting data.

Design and deploy controlled workflows, e.g., for materials test requests and approvals, test program management, or supplier qualification.

Without an audit trail for the data used in design (who did what, when?) it can be hard to trace materials-related problems to their source and to improve the data for next time.

Any user can quickly find approved data for which they are authorized, including from directly within CAD and CAE systems. Access Control and Version Control ensure that data is securely managed with full traceability.

Design cycles are lengthened because designers can't find the right data, or use inaccurate or inappropriate values

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