Key points

Access the 'gold source' of corporate materials data within Teamcenter, with full traceability.

Materials reporting and dashboards in PLM.

Option for server-level synchronization.

Materials Support for Teamcenter

Users of the Teamcenter software from Siemens PLM can access and apply materials property data from their company's GRANTA MI database, ensuring that they are using the consistent, up-to-date, traceable 'gold source' of corporate materials data.

MI:Materials Gateway™ provides tools to access and browse a corporate materials database and Granta-supplied reference data on materials properties. You can choose applicable materials, and assign those materials to parts being managed within Teamcenter. Full traceability is maintained so that, at any time you, or other authorized users, can immediately reconnect to the original material record in the database, and find the latest data—including for "downstream" analyses requiring additional information on the materials.

MI:Enterprise Connect™ is an additional option enabling server-level synchronizing of GRANTA MI with Teamcenter on an enterprise basis (read the press release).

In addition to Teamcenter integration, Granta and Siemens PLM have also collaborated to create GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for NX, providing access to materials data from within the NX product design system. Taking advantage of the interoperability between NX and Teamcenter, MI:Materials Gateway users in Teamcenter can run reports on materials assigned in NX, and vice versa—according to the desired workflow, and subject to appropriate access controls.

By providing this materials knowledge management application for Teamcenter PLM, capabilities already available to designers now become more widely accessible. This benefits both managers and costing, environmental, or other specialists when they review individual products or look across product families.

Read the press release on the Granta / Siemens PLM partnership 

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for NX.  Search and browse your corporate materials database (and/or Granta-supplied reference information), assign your selected materials to your NX model, and explore the design implications.

Reporting materials assignments in Teamcenter

If you are a Teamcenter user

If your organization has enabled GRANTA MI access from your Teamcenter implementation:

  • Details for accessing materials data and supporting resources from within your Teamcenter implementation will vary. Please consult your in-house Teamcenter project team.
  • Users with My Granta access can also access supporting resources for MI:Materials Gateway for Teamcenter here 

If your organization is interested in enabling GRANTA MI access, contact us for more information.

If you are not a Teamcenter user…

Find out about the GRANTA MI system for materials information management and its range of options for delivering materials property data to engineers, designers, and analysts. More 

GRANTA MI enables access to materials data via a simple web browser user interface, or integrated with a range of CAD, CAE, and PLM systems through the MI:Materials Gateway technology. More