What if you could:

Turn materials substitution projects from a trauma into an opportunity?

Minimize disruption to production due to the need to substitute materials—a cost that can run to millions every month?

Find a quick way to identify alternative and equivalent materials in different countries?

GRANTA MI:Substitute

OptimizeGRANTA MI:Substitute is a systematic software tool for guiding materials substitution using your corporate materials knowledge and unique reference data. It helps manufacturing companies to respond quickly and consistently to challenges such as obsolescence, supplier change, and regulation.

The need to substitute a material can result from many factors. Examples include:

  • Product redesigns
  • New regulations that render a material obsolete
  • Disruption to the supply chain (increasingly common in globalized manufacturing environments and with problems of resource scarcity and security)
  • The need to replace a material with one that can be sourced more easily in a different country
  • Increases in material price

Whatever the cause, substitution can be a difficult and costly exercise—and carries with it a significant risk that your replacement material may not perform adequately in all applications. MI:Substitute aims to mitigate these difficulties, helping you turn the challenge of substitution to your advantage.

A viable substitute for a given material will depend on how the final product is used. Here the user is investigating the potential implications on flammability and barrier properties when looking for substitutes for a flame retarded ABS

A viable substitute for a given material will depend on how the final product is used. Here the user is investigating the potential implications on flammability and barrier properties when looking for substitutes for a flame retarded ABS.

Key benefits of MI:Substitute

  • Speed up substitution projects—for example, minimizing production delays that often cost millions per month
  • Enable a rapid, effective response to unpredictable and unplanned materials supply problems
  • Ensure that you consider the full range of materials options—MI:Substitute helps companies to identify and assess options outside their 'comfort zone'
  • Identify alternative and equivalent materials in different regions
  • Increase the reliability of materials decisions across your company—make them consistent, repeatable, auditable, and based on the best available information
  • Consider engineering, cost, and eco properties, lowering risk of unforeseen problems due to a substitution

Using MI:Substitute

All of your materials information in one place

MI:Substitute is a module within the GRANTA MI software system. The GRANTA MI system creates a single, integrated source for all of your managed proprietary materials data and your choice from a unique catalog of materials reference data. This is the data that MI:Substitute applies in its calculations—so you can be assured that you are using the most relevant, complete, and up-to-date information.

A single-click allows the reference material to be specifiedAn easy-to-use tool

MI:Substitute is operated via a simple web browser user interface that allows you to browse and search the GRANTA MI database and select the material that you wish to substitute with a single button click (shown, right). You can then follow a straightforward "wizard-style" interface within the browser in order to specify your substitution exercise.

Complete and flexible coverage of properties

You may wish to find the best overall match to your "reference material", or to consider only specific attributes or groups of attributes. You can also focus your search by specifying any other property criteria that you wish your material to meet. Properties can be specfied either using absolute values or relative to the reference material. These features make it very easy to set up your substitution exercise.

Because the full range of engineering, economic, and environmental properties can be included, it is easy to consider all potential impacts on your substitution when reviewing the results.

Clear ranking of candidates

MI:Substitute then analyzes all of the materials in the database, returning candidate materials. These are presented in a clear, ranked list, based on their "nearness" to the reference material, making it quick and easy to identify the likeliest substitutes.

Review and understand the implications of substitution

Candidate materials can be reviewed on a graph or in tabular format. One particularly useful feature is the ability to generate a table of all properties for candidate materials with significant differences from the reference material clearly highlighted (as shown above). This substantially reduces the risk of selecting a material that appears to be a good match based on the properties you are focused on, but that creates unforseen problems elsewhere (for example, due to toxicity, restricted substance status, or processability).

Deploy information to designers and engineers in context

The power of the GRANTA MI means that you can deploy the results of materials substitution exercises to your design and engineering community with ease. Any designer can access the latest approved substitutes through a web browser. The system can be configured to provide guidance based on your internal 'business rules'—for example, to filter the results based on your preferred materials suppliers. Data on the chosen substitutes can even be accessed directly within CAD or CAE using the GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway technology.

Further information

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