Key Benefits

Make the right material choices early in design; maximum impact for minimum cost.

Rapidly assess risks and resource efficiency for legacy and in-production products.

See a single view of engineering, eco, and regulatory factors.

Increase resilience to price volatility, supply chain disruption, obsolesence, or eco regulations.

Get useful results, fast, reducing need to gather supply chain data.

GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence

Product intelligenceMinimize environmental, regulatory, and supply chain risk, and increase resource efficiency for designs and products. With MI:Product Intelligence™ you can import, build, and edit Bills of Materials for products or designs through an easy-to-use web application. Or use it within your CAD system. In either case, you can instantly run reports to assess product risk and guide design decisions.

BoM Analyzer

MI:Materials Gateway for CAD

Apply MI:Product Intelligence tools on any desktop
via the innovative MI:BoM Analyzer web app
Alternatively, work within your CAD system using the MI:Materials Gateway user interface

The problem

Product engineering teams face increasingly diverse challenges. These include:

  • Design for compliance and reporting obligations for regulations on restricted substances (e.g., REACH) and conflict minerals (e.g., Dodd-Frank Act)
  • Mitigating supply risks due to geopolitical or environmental factors (e.g., for rare earths and other so-called 'critical materials')
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of products to meet regulatory, market, and corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Increasing resource efficiency, for example, through the application of 'Circular Economy' thinking
  • Improving product performance and minimizing cost while meeting these demands.

Material and process choices are central to these problems. GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence is a software package, based on the GRANTA MI materials information management platform, that puts practical tools to assess the environmental, regulatory, performance, and cost implications of materials choices on the desktops of engineers, managers, design teams, and EH&S specialists. It avoids the need for time-consuming data research—for example, to gather information from suppliers. You can instead make better-informed design and product decisions, drawing on a unique and authoritative compilation of data covering materials, substances, processes, eco properties, and regulatory constraints.

How MI:Product Intelligence helps

Product Intelligence reportsFast feedback on key product metrics

You can assess and optimize products and product designs, providing interactive feedback on key engineering, environmental, and regulatory metrics. Quickly browse Granta's comprehensive materials and eco database and assign materials in that database to parts in a Bill of Materials (BoM) or CAD model. Then run reports that give instant graphical feedback (right) on:

  • Bill of Materials content, including rolled-up mass and cost
  • Restricted substance risk (e.g., REACH)
  • Supply chain risk due to critical materials or conflict minerals
  • 'Eco Audit' of environmental impact (CO2 footprint and energy usage) over the product lifecycle
  • 'Material Circularity', a measure of the resource efficiency of the design

You can browse alternative materials and processes, viewing their properties. Change the material and see how product metrics change.

Use it on your desktop (two easy options)

MI:BoM Analyzer web application—a fast, simple-to-use tool that runs on any desktop PC. Import, build, or edit Bills of Materials ('BoMs') and run reports. Ideal for product stewardship teams wishing to report on existing in-production or 'legacy' BoMs or for engineers developing pre-CAD conceptual designs.

MI:Materials Gateway for CAD—MI:Product Intelligence is just another control panel in your CAD software. Integrate eco design into CAD design, making the right material and process decisions as early as possible. Support for Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Creo, NX.

Apply unique and comprehensive materials data

MI:Product Intelligence uses Granta's comprehensive Product Risk data, covering materials and eco properties.

  • MaterialUniverse is a unique resource of engineering, economic, and environmental property profiles for the full range of engineering materials (metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, natural materials).
  • The Restricted Substances data module is a unique database of thousands of substances and over 60 international regulations, legistlations, and Standards that restrict them.
  • The Critical Materials data module provides supply risk data for key elements, helping to identify potential problems due to geopolitical risk, scarcity, or price volatility.

Avoid effort gathering supplier data on regulatory risk

Data is a major problem for design teams considering environmental or regulatory factors. Most methods to assess these risks require users to gather extensive data: for example, on the energy usage of manufacturing processes or the restricted substances used by suppliers. By using the data that comes with MI:Product Intelligence, these teams can estimate environmental impacts or highlight risks without the need for time-consuming data research. Users will still want to find more detailed information on selected design routes, but MI:Product Intelligence focuses this effort, complementing existing data, and saving time.

Make streamlined LCA practical for design and analysis

Similarly, expert methods such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) are important in exhaustively analyzing the environmental impact of a product. But these methods require expertise and are too time-consuming for iterative use in design. MI:Product Intelligence helps design teams filter options without needing LCA expertise. Product stewardship teams can quickly analyze product portfolios. This speeds up their processes and frees LCA experts to focus downstream, where detailed analysis is required. And MI:Product Intelligence offers much more than simply 'streamlined LCA', with integrated reports on product risk, resource efficiency, and access to detailed material and process data.

What do you buy?

MI:Product Intelligence can be provided as a stand-alone software package for your team, installed on your network or hosted in the cloud. Alternatively, it can be integrated with a broader enterprise GRANTA MI implementation. The solution components are:

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