Key benefits

Easy-to-use interface, configurable for specific users and tasks—no need for training.

The latest web application technologies enable a great user experience.

Users can input, find and apply materials information, fast.

Enables quick, controlled addition of data to the database for authorized users.

Companies ensure every engineer or designer uses the right materials data.


New in Version 9
Controlled, consistent input of data

MI:Explore creates web apps that can be tailored for specific users, helping them to input, find, visualize, and apply materials information in their GRANTA MI database, fast.

MI:Explore provides a completely configurable user experience for engineers and designers who need to input, find and apply materials information. A simple, attractive user interface is built on the latest web app technologies. With version 9, apps built using MI:Explore can include forms for controlled data entry, inlcuding unstructured data—e.g., type notes from ‘lessons learnt’ or drag and drop images (of failure modes, etc) directly into the datasheet.

Using MI:Explore to search and view micrographs

An example implementation of MI:Explore—a tailored app to search and view micrographs.

MI:Explore gallery—tailored applications

The focus of MI:Explore is on delivering an outstanding user experience through tailored applications that do just what the user needs. It's easy to set up different apps for different user groups in your company, delivering only the data and tools that are relevant to that user community. Users looking for the full set of tools to query, browse, report on, edit, import, and export data can use the general MI:Viewer web browser user interface.

The gallery shows a few example MI:Explore applications:

  • Exploring application information in a plastics database

  • Filtering and plotting materials data using X-Y charts

  • Creating comparison tables for metals data

  • Searching and viewing micrographs

  • Exploring MMPDS aero alloy data by form, basis, and condition

  • Exploring orthopeadic medical device information

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