Key benefits

Gain time and insight for shorter design cycles and reduced time-to-market

Greater confidence in data enables you to push materials harder for lighter, more efficient vehicles

Support your business processes: integrate with suppliers, leverage global IP, improve consistency

Help materials experts use their time more effectively

Reduce risk and solve materials problems in the supply chain and for global manufacturing

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The Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium 

AutoMatIC Consortium

GRANTA MI:Automotive Package

AutomotiveA package of GRANTA MI software and services that provides a solution for the materials data management challenges faced by automotive OEMs and suppliers. Integrated in the same system are leading reference data sources for the metals, plastics, and composite materials used by these industries.

The problem

The automotive industry faces a materials information challenge. A wealth of new data is available on high strength steels, lightweight alloys, and composites. Complex, interdependent simulation disciplines (e.g., crash, fatigue, NVH, forming, composite modeling) require and generate materials data. And engineers must study new technologies—for example, for higher temperature engines or to apply composites. Yet materials information is often not managed systematically. As a result, expensively-acquired data is lost, tests and analyses are duplicated, and time is wasted. Simulation experts cannot locate the right data. The latest information from suppliers is not available. Different business units use inconsistent data. And it is hard to solve problems—for example, to substitute an obsolete material, or reduce restricted substance risks. Granta can help.

How MI:Automotive helps

Granta's solution is developed in collaboration with the members of the Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium.

A single, standard, consistent source for corporate materials information

New in Version 9
Enhanced support for simulation
GRANTA MI provides a powerful system to capture, analyze, and maintain all of your in-house data on materials and to deploy this data to the engineers that need it. You benefit from best practice approaches and tools developed in collaboration with Granta consortia, that will help you to quickly build a robust database for metals and composites data. You can capture your own tests, data from test houses, supplier data, analysis results, simulation data, and much more. The new MI:Simulation software package offers enhanced support for generating accurate CAE input models. Engineers and design teams across your enterprise can then get the data they need, within their routine workflows. You gain productivity as engineers spend less time looking for data, avoid the loss of expensively-acquired data, and reduce duplication in testing and analysis.

Integration with design and simulation

Through the MI:Materials Gateway technology, design teams and simulation analysts can access and apply managed materials data directly within many leading CAD, CAE, and PLM tools. Users have smooth access to material models from directly within CAE environments, helping simulation analysts to find and use the right data. And GRANTA MI exporter capabilities enable you to deliver data to the full range of simulation codes. You can support crash, NVH, forming, and other simulations in tools such as Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS, Autoform, Dyna, HyperMesh, NX, PAM CRASH, and PAM STAMP. You save time in design and simulation while ensuring consistent use of quality data.

Viewing temperature-dependent property data for a steel

Viewing temperature-dependent property data for a steel in the MI:Viewer web browser interface.

Accessing materials data in Siemens NX

Accessing managed materials data within Siemens NX— GRANTA MI integrates with CAD, CAE, and PLM

Support as you develop your company's 'material intelligence'

GRANTA MI is designed for the complexities of materials data—for example, handling temperature-dependent property data, or dealing with the difficult workflows involved in managing data on multi-constituent composite materials and their processing history. In enabling you to capture, control, query, and use such data, GRANTA MI embeds experience of many years' best practice from across industry. As a result, your engineers get access to an invaluable resource that will help them develop and capture materials knowledge, for example, on novel high temperature applications for metal alloys, or on the use of composites. Increased confidence in your data enables you to push materials harder, developing lighter, more efficient vehicles.

Leading reference data in electronic format

GRANTA MI provides a comprehensive library of materials reference data in a searchable, regularly-updated, electronic format, fully integrated into the same system as your in-house data. This ranges from specialist automotive data, such as StahlDat Sheet Steels for Automotive, to broad coverage of metals, composites, and plastics. Use GRANTA MI tools to compare your test results with property data and specifications from authoritative sources, helping you to validate and analyze your results. Get the data that you need quickly, saving time and ensuring accuracy for simulations and design decisions.

MI:Explore used to browse data on automotive applications

Browsing application information in the fast MI:Explore web application

Tools for materials substitution, risk reduction, and more

A series of GRANTA MI tools help you to augment your database with additional information and to apply the resulting resource to tackle some business-critical problems for the automotive industry. Key examples are: the GRANTA MI:Restricted Substance solution, with which you can assess and reduce risk due to regulations such as the European Union's REACH directive, and the MI:Substitute and MI:Optimize tools, which guide engineers when making materials choices. These tools can be particularly useful in an industry with complex global supply chains. Among other benefits, they help you to understand the implications of regulations in different regions, or to identify equivalent grades if you cannot source the exact alloy specification you need in the country where you are manufacturing.

What do you buy?

MI:Aero provides a 'ready-to-go' GRANTA MI system for materials information management in automotive organizations. The Granta team will work with you to specify a system that meets your exact needs. Solution components are:

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