Key benefits

Ensure zero data loss and eliminate duplication of tests

Control data—guarantee security and traceability

Gain more efficient access to data and accelerate the design and materials engineering processes

Increase confidence in data for better, more competitive designs

Assess and design-out exposure to risk, for example, from restricted substances

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GRANTA MI:Aero Package

AerospaceA package of GRANTA MI software, data, and services that provides a solution for the materials data management challenges faced by aerospace enterprises and those (e.g., in defense and energy) with similar requirements. Integrated in the same system are leading reference data sources for the metallic and composite materials used by these industries.

The problem

For aerospace and other high-performance engineering applications, qualifying materials to meet certification and design requirements is a lengthy and costly process. Yet the expensive data associated with this process is often not captured systematically. A recent Granta survey found that, typically, 50% of such data is used once, then lost. Tests are often duplicated. The pedigree of data is not captured, so analyses and design decisions cannot be reliably repeated or audited. If data is not controlled, there can be consequences relating to regulations such as ITAR. Getting the correct data for engineering design or simulation can be time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in delays and risk. And it is hard for engineers and design teams to get a complete picture of materials issues, encompassing properties, cost, and factors such as restricted substance risk. Granta can help.

How MI:Aero helps

Best practice data management

GRANTA MI provides a powerful system to capture, analyze, and maintain all of your in-house data on materials and to deploy this data to the engineers that need it. You benefit from best practice approaches and tools developed by the Material Data Management Consortium designed with leading aerospace, defense, and energy companies, which will help you to quickly build a robust database to store test data, statistical roll-ups, design-strength data, pedigree information, and much more. In particular, the system has been tuned for aerospace alloys and for the difficult problem of managing composite data, including multi-constituent processing history. You can, for example, capture data from test machines, use the MI:Data Analysis Apps to produce design curves, or simulation models, and store the results and the vital relationships between all of this information. Engineers and design teams can then get the data they need within their routine workflows. You gain productivity as engineers spend less time looking for data, avoid the loss of expensively-acquired data, and reduce duplication in testing and analysis. Access Control features mean that users can only see data for which they are authorized, protecting your intellectual property and limiting the risk of non-compliance with ITAR and similar regulations.

Viewing data on an aerospace alloy from the MMPDS reference database.

Viewing data on an aerospace alloy from the MMPDS reference database in the MI:Viewer web browser interface.

MI:Data Analysis App - Tensile Test Analysis

Sample MI: Data Analysis App—tensile test analysis.

Access to data for engineering design and simulation

Simulation specialists and engineering design teams are key users of materials data in aerospace organizations. With GRANTA MI, these users have fast, easy access to the data that they need. Through MI:Materials Gateway, this data can even be accessed and applied directly within leading CAE and CAD software. So you can ensure the use of correct, authorized data and increase trust in the results of modeling and simulation. Greater confidence in the data can enable you to design products that push performance boundaries and are more competitive. Simulation and design teams also save time previously spent looking for data and avoid problems than can lead to failed design iterations, enabling them to reduce design-cycles and time-to-market for products.

Leading reference data in electronic format

GRANTA MI provides leading aerospace reference data in a searchable, regularly-updated, electronic format, fully integrated into the same system as your in-house data. You can browse and query data from the MMPDS and ESDU MMDH aerospace alloy handbooks, or the AGATE, N-CAMP, CMH-17, and Firehole composites projects. Use GRANTA MI tools to compare your test results to handbook data on a graph, helping you to validate and analyze your data. You save time finding the data you need and ensure you are using the latest data. You can increase your confidence in your design data and push materials harder, and minimize risk due to transcription or interpolation errors.

MI:Explore browsing micrographs

Browsing MMPDS aero alloy data in the MI:Explore web application.

Tools to optimize products and limit risk

A series of GRANTA MI tools help you to augment your database with additional information and to apply the resulting information resource to tackle some business-critical problems for aerospace. Key examples are: the GRANTA MI:Restricted Substance solution, used by aerospace companies to assess and reduce risk due to regulations such as the European Union's REACH directive; Critical Materials data, which helps you to assess supply chain risk; and the MI:Substitute and MI:Optimize tools, which guide engineers when making materials choices.

What do you buy?

MI:Aero provides a 'ready-to-go' GRANTA MI system for materials information management in aerospace and similar organizations. The Granta team will work with you to specify a system that meets your exact needs. Solution components are:

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