Composite Data

Granta offers cost-effective, quick, and efficient access to authoritative sources of data for composite materials

Data module
Content summary
Attributes and properties
Mil-Handbook-17 test data for advanced composites - polymer, metal, and ceramic matrix.
Numerous properties, some as function of temperature, some as function of lay-up and orientation.
44 materials systems, 483 design data records, 28,000 test data records
Design data, materials pedigree, and supporting test data for established composite materials systems for Qualification, Equivalency, and Design.
Statistically derived design values, full pedigree of constituent materials, and test data (tensile, compression, bending and shear) for four standard conditions, from the NCAMP project.
Data covers over 600 laminates
A subset of the Composites QED data focused on providing traceable data for design, omitting test results.
Statistically derived design values, full pedigree of constituent materials, from the NCAMP project.
1,000 records
Data covering over 300 continuous fiber reinforced polymer composite grades, drawn from from manufacturers, leading testing labs, and research institutions.
For different test conditions (e.g. room temperature dry, elevated temperature wet, etc.): constituents (fibers, matrix materials etc.), suppliers, forms, and properties from testing.

The GRANTA MI software offers superior, shared access to any of these data modules. Or you can integrate these references with each other and with in-house and other third-party data to create a complete materials information source for your engineering process. With GRANTA MI you can search, browse, analyze, and manipulate this data. A browser-based interface supports engineers and materials experts across your organization.

Alternatively, the CMH-17 and Firehole Composites data can be accessed via the CES Selector software on your PC, enabling use of powerful materials charting tools to compare the properties of composites systems with traditional materials and to inform materials selection and repalcement.