CES Selector Tools

There are three easy steps to buying CES Selector™— choose your data, choose your tools (see details below), and for advice and to arrange a product demonstration, please contact us.

Enhanced charting capabilityCore software tools

Every edition of CES Selector comes with tools to:

Augment these core capabilities with the optional add-on tools below.

Eco AuditEco Audit Tool

The Eco Audit™ Tool is an add-on tool to CES Selector that helps you to address environmental objectives, such as limiting the carbon footprint of your product, reducing its energy usage, cutting waste and emissions, or specifying the manner of its disposal.

Applied during conceptual design, it draws on Granta's environmental data to quantify the eco impact of key life-phases of a product, helping to identify the most significant environmental costs and thus focus attention on the areas which can lead to the biggest improvements.


Use the new part cost estimatorSynthesizer Tool™

This add-on tool enables you to run a range of models to predict ('synthesize') material records within CES Selector. These predicted materials can then be plotted on property charts for comparison against other engineering materials, informing material design and selection. Available models are:

  • NEW! Part Cost Estimator—models the impact of different processing options on material cost, enabling the most economic material / process solution to be identified.
  • Hybrid Synthesizer™ Models—predict the performance of hybrid materials and structures.
  • You can also add your own models.

CES Constructor™

Add and edit data in your CES Selector database.