December 10, 2018

Latest restricted substances tools, Welding and joining data for simulation, CES Selector Certificate Program, webinars, and more…

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April 2016

Restricted substances

Boeing to share experience in May 24 webinar

Members of the Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium (pictured below) met last week in Cambridge, UK, to review the latest tools for avoiding business risk due to restricted substances. Regulations like the European Union’s REACH legislation can cause multi-million dollar costs, delays, and legal liabilities.

EMIT meetingEMIT members such as Airbus, Boeing, Emerson Electric, Honeywell, Rolls-Royce, and Pratt & Whitney are using the GRANTA MI system to help them to assess and avoid this risk for materials, processes, designs, and products.

New developments include:

  • April’s update to Granta’s database of materials, substances, and regulations, including the addition of the IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, and updates to EU RoHS2, China RoHS2, CoRAP, and CLP Regulation lists
  • Improved tools to support the complex process of merging these regular data updates with in-house restricted substance data
  • New features to account for multiple surface treatments when reporting on the compliance of products or designs
  • Faster, more responsive apps.

Peter Mezey, of Boeing, will be the guest speaker in a web seminar on: ‘Experiences in Restricted Substance Risk Management’ on May 24. Join us to learn more about how you can de-risk your materials and processes, design for compliance, and analyze existing products for compliance risk.

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Meet us at upcoming events: Conferences, symposia, webinars

Find out more about our CES Selector Certificate Progam

2. Automotive—new tools to manage welding and joining data

Managing vital material property data relating to welds and other joining techniquesGranta is creating new tools to manage vital material property data relating to welds and other joining techniques. This data is particularly valuable for Automotive organizations seeking to ensure accurate design or simulation, but is rarely systematically managed, leading to inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and risk. Granta is working with Automotive Material Intelligence (AutoMatIC) Consortium members to create a ready-to-go, extensible information system, that can ensure proprietary data related to welds or other joints is captured, traceable, searchable, and accessible.

Announced at this month’s SAE World Congress in Detroit, the new features will be available as an extension to the GRANTA MI:Metals Template, which provides the data structures and tools for any organization to quickly develop a ‘gold source’ for its metals property data. The improvements support information on techniques such as spot welds or self-piercing rivets. Joint properties can be measured and made available to the engineers who need accurate joint performance data for design, simulation, and durability analysis. Find out more at our webinar on Apr 26.

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AutoMatIC Consortium meets to share knowledge and experience

AutoMatIC meetingCoinciding with the SAE World Congress, representatives of GM, JLR, PSA Peugeot Citroën, KSPG AG, Honeywell Turbo Technologies, and Granta met for the AutoMatIC Consortium meeting, hosted by GM at its Tech Center in Warren, MI. One highlight was a deep dive into the subject of integrating materials information into PLM, including how well this information is integrated today, and members’ vision for the future. There were technical discussions on materials information for CAE (particularly crash and durability analysis) and on automating workflows for materials approvals.

Members shared examples of how they have addressed particular data management challenges, including a guest presenter from automotive supplier Molex which has an active project to deploy materials information through GRANTA MI to 1,400 engineers worldwide.

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CES Selector Certificate Program

3. Join our new CES Selector Certificate Program

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new CES Selector Certificate Program. This is open to past and present users of CES Selector, or CES EduPack, its companion educational product used in universities. The program will enable you to:

  • Get started fast with CES Selector (if you haven’t already done so!)
  • Extend your knowledge and use of CES Selector tools and methodologies
  • Apply CES Selector more effectively, making quicker, more informed materials decisions
  • Validate and promote your experience in using CES Selector or CES EduPack.

There are three levels in the program: Certified (no cost), Professional and Expert. The first level is accessible immediately through a new eLearning course. You will receive a certificate on passing each level. Visit the Granta website for full details.

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4. Senvol Database for additive manufacturing machines and materials

Senvol logoAt next month’s RAPID 3D manufacturing event, Granta will be announcing a new partnership with Senvol under which Granta will distribute the Senvol Database. The database is the first and most comprehensive database for industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials, containing over 550 professional-grade machines and over 700 compatible materials.

Making this data available through Granta’s CES Selector and GRANTA MI software will enable comparison and selection of additive manufacturing materials and machines based on required material properties, required part size, machine cost and more. The Senvol Database will be the focus of a webinar on May 31, and a preview of the new data will be given at our ‘Effective techniques for material selection’ Open Seminar on May 11 in Indianapolis.

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5. CAD, CAE and PLM—updated Gateways, and new PLM integration option

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway parameter pickerVersion 4.1 of GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway, the established standard for accessing managed materials data within product design and simulation software, was released in March 2016 and brings further user experience enhancements, including extremely responsive data browsing. Particular benefits for CAE analysts include a new facility to specify parameters such as temperature or strain rate, and the ability to preview resulting material card input prior to confirming import to simulations. These capabilities enable an intuitive and more complete workflow, supported by consistent data access and full traceability.

There is a new facility providing notification of material version updates to the Design community. A simple click now adds any assigned material to the “watch list”, ensuring the designer who specified it receives an email any time the original material’s properties are updated by your Materials authority.

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Granta will be launching a new integration option—MI:Enterprise Connect for Teamcenter—at the Siemens PLM Connection Americas conference in Orlando, FL, on May 16-19. Developed in partnership with Siemens PLM, this new capability maintains server-level synchronization with Teamcenter on an enterprise basis.

The deploying company can ‘author’ into PLM the subset of data approved for design, from where it can be assigned and used by Teamcenter Integrated Material Management. The ‘live link’ to the GRANTA MI source is retained, providing traceability, supporting updates as data changes and enabling Granta analytics tools to operate on the resulting assignments.

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You can also join Granta at Dassault Systèmes’ Science in the Age of Experience event, on May 23-25, in Boston, MA, USA, and at PTC’s LiveWorx on June 5-8, also in Boston.

6. Maximizing car design efficiency with US NASCAR team

Chip Ganassi Racing TeamsChip Ganassi Racing Teams (CGRT), which has teams competing in the Verizon IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, is working with Granta to maximize car design efficiency. Chip Ganassi has been a fixture in the auto racing industry for over 25 years and is considered one of the most successful and innovative owners in the sport, with 170 victories, including four Indianapolis 500s.

CGRT will use CES Selector to help the engineering team compare and choose alternate materials to develop stronger, lighter, and more durable race-winning cars. The software application will be used by the engineering departments across all of CGRT’s racing disciplines.

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7. Materials Education Symposia

8th International Materials Education SymposiumMore than 200 materials education professionals from around the world gathered at two events co-ordinated by Granta—the 8th International Materials Education Symposium, held in Cambridge earlier this month, and the 7th North American Materials Education Symposium at UC Berkeley, in March. These conferences are unique in being entirely focused on the teaching of materials across the engineering, science, and design curricula.

This year’s themes included engaging student interest in materials, and sustainability in design and the design process. There were some great talks, with topics including the skills needed for materials scientists and engineers working on materials for space, and developing a massively open online course (MOOC) to teach materials science. The speakers included Prof. Sir Harry Bhadeshia, Dr Patrice Turchi, Dr Sunniva Collins, Prof. Stanley Howard, Dr Margarethe Hofmann-Amtenbrink, Dr Sylvia Johnson, and Prof. Mark Miodownik. We will post reports on the Materials Education Symposia website soon.

Visit the Symposia website >

8. TSNE to provide services to customers in Korea

TSNE logoGranta and Taesung Software and Engineering, Inc. (TSNE) have signed an agreement under which TSNE will distribute Granta software and provide services to Granta customers in Korea.

TSNE is a specialized engineering company, headquartered in Seoul, with a focus on distributing ANSYS and other computer aided engineering (CAE) software, along with technical support, training services and consultancy. The company’s expertise in this area will be relevant to supporting Granta software, which is frequently used alongside simulation software to provide the materials data that is an essential input for CAE.

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9. Composites qualification—read our latest blog

Composites qualification is a huge, and often very expensive, undertaking—a single material qualification program could result in more than 1,300 tests. Access to qualified materials data to support composites qualification can be near impossible for some members of the supply chain without the support of publicly-funded programs, due to the time and cost involved. Read this blog to find out how the US National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP), a world-leading composite testing center, brings together datasets of materials and process specifications, material pedigree data, test results, and reports that can be shared throughout the supply chain to ease the process of composites qualification.

Read the blog >

10. Open seminar and UGM: Effective techniques for materials selection

Effective techniques for material selectionThe first Granta Open Seminar and User Meeting with a specific focus on CES Selector will be held in Indianapolis, USA, on May 11. There will be opportunities to share experiences with other users, find out what’s new, and meet the Granta team.

The open seminar will present effective techniques for selecting materials, including how to access the comprehensive data available for materials selection in CES Selector and the ASM Medical Materials database. There will be a preview of the Senvol Database covering additive manufacturing, demonstrations using real-life case studies, guest speakers from industry, and hands-on sessions using the CES Selector software. The user meeting and training will provide hints and tips to help use the software, and a chance to hear about Granta’s development plans.

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11. Training and video tip

Upcoming CES Selector and GRANTA MI training

GRANTA MI Training sessions are held on a monthly basis on the second Tuesday of the month. CES Selector Training is held bi-monthly on the first Tuesday of the month.

The next free, online sessions are:

  May 3 CES Selector training: Understanding and applying performance indices
  May 10 GRANTA MI training: Importing data from Excel
  Jun 14 GRANTA MI training: Improving the experience of your users

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Video tip—Importing data into multiple tables with a single Excel workbook

In each Granta Material News we link to information that helps users to get more from Granta software. In this clip, we demonstrate how to configure a single Excel workbook to import data into multiple tables. We will import into the Tensile Test and Design Data tables of the Composites Template with a single import process.

  Watch the video tips...  

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12. Come and meet us at upcoming events

Meet us at these events, conferences, and workshops, or sign up for our webinars:


  21 Webinar: Dual sourcing: Finding drop-in replacements for polymer grades
  25-29 Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany
  26 Webinar: Managing welding and joining property data to support design and simulation


  4 Webinar avec Materiauteque de Lyon: Appréhender et maîtriser le Multi-Sourcing matériaux (French)
  11 Seminar: Effective techniques for materials selection, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  11 Webinar: Werkstoffinformationen, CAE-Anwendungen und Prozesse unterstützen (German)
  16-19 Siemens PLM Connection Americas, Orlando, FL, USA
  16-19 RAPID, Orlando, FL, USA
  17 Eco-Design & Product Sustainability in the Transport Sector, London, UK
  18 Webinar with Continuum Blue: Minimizing risk when selecting or changing materials
  19 Webinar: Verbesserung der Produkt-Profitabilität durch Werkstoffsubstitution (German)
  23-25 Dassault Systèmes’ ‘Science in the Age of Experience’, Boston, MA, USA
  24 Webinar with Boeing: Experiences in restricted substance risk management
  24-26 Space Tech Expo US, Pasadena, CA, USA
  31 Webinar with Senvol: Selecting and comparing industrial Additive Manufacturing machines & materials with Senvol Database


  2 Webinar: Materials data at your fingertips
  5-8 PTC’s ‘LiveWorx’, Boston, MA, USA
  8 Webinar: Bio-based materials and composites
  15-16 NAFEMS UK Conference, Telford, UK
  16 Webinar: Material Intelligence for PLM and CAD


  21-24 Additive Manufacturing + 3D Printing Conference (AM3D), Charlotte, NC, USA

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