December 10, 2018

CES Selector 2017, Material Intelligence Seminars, supporting healthcare innovation, new metals data, and more …

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September 2016

CES Selector 2017 - New Edition

New CES Selector 2017: it’s what you need to see

Enhanced charts, restricted substance indicators, extra materials data

CES Selector 2017, released this month, is based on the idea that materials property data contains the answers to many critical product development problems – if only you could see them! The new release helps with even more selection capabilities, great display and charting enhancements, and it targets some commercially-important problems such as restricted substances and cost.

Users can quickly generate impressive charts for reports and presentations with the improved charting annotation. The look and feel of datasheets format has been enhanced, leading to a great user experience. New restricted substance risk indicators enable users to consider materials at risk, e.g., from non-compliance with REACH regulations, when choosing and comparing materials. Users can find alternatives where necessary.

There are new metals attributes which consider machining speed and stress corrosion cracking, allowing users to filter candidate materials on these properties and check the results in comparison tables. Substantial data updates for metals and polymers include the latest grades and up-to-date price information, along with access to the Senvol Database™ of additive manufactured materials and machines.

Read more about What’s New in CES Selector 2017 >

Join Dr Charlie Bream for two webinars that highlight some of the new features in CES Selector 2017: ‘Considering restricted substances when downselecting or pre-screening material’ on Wednesday, October 5, and ‘Selecting metals – considering processing costs’ on Thursday, October 13.


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Best ever metals reference data



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Sharing best practice at the MDMC meeting



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New French office—and Granta is Growing



Granta leads PLEIADES aerospace project



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Training and this edition’s video tip



Meet us at upcoming events: Conferences, symposia, webinars

Watch our best webinars on demand

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2. Latest data and tools to support innovation for healthcare

Looking at information on a medical device in the ASM Medical Materials databaseThe updated ASM Medical Materials™ database will have vastly expanded data on medical device recalls and new querying tools, helping manufacturers of healthcare products to make better-informed decisions. This will be available to all via online subscription, or as an integrated module in the GRANTA MI™ materials information management system. The enhanced database provides even more help in areas including: materials selection, access to critical regulatory data, and understanding the clinical history of materials. New information on device recalls makes it easier to identify materials that may introduce risk. New support for Granta’s web app technology enables fast, interactive searching and filtering of the database.

Join Cook Medical webinar on using the ASM Medical Materials Database

More details of the practical benefits of the ASM Medical Materials database will be discussed at an upcoming webinar with medical device company Cook Medical, in which they will discuss how Cook uses the database in product development. We will put more details of the webinar, including the date, on the Granta website in the next week—so please check our Events listings.

3. Best ever metals data for equivalency, selection, and simulation

Comparing stress-strain curves from Stahldat Sheet Steels in GRANTA MIGranta’s latest metals data library is the best ever single source of metals property data, covering thousands of metal standards, specifications, and grades. It includes a digital version of the MMPDS-10 aerospace alloy data, the latest Register of European Steels and SteelSpec data, and ASME data on metals for the energy and chemicals sectors. GRANTA MI users can access these updated modules, providing access to this data alongside their proprietary data in the same system. The modules are also available in the latest release of CES Selector, enabling users to employ powerful selection and visualization tools to compare properties and make materials decisions.

Join Honeywell Aerospace webinar on data for engineering applications

Doug Hall, of Honeywell Aerospace, will be the guest speaker at our webinar on September 29, ‘Harnessing metals reference data to support high-performance engineering applications’. He will talk about how to use Granta’s metals reference data library alongside your proprietary data for applications including metals equivalency studies, selection, and simulation.

Register for Honeywell Aerospace webinar (Sep 29) >

… and read our blog

New technological challenges constantly drive the need to explore new materials, offering properties that no existing material can deliver. It is vital to maintain a single, up-to-date source of materials property data, so that your designers and engineers have the data they need for materials selection, product design, simulation, qualification, and more.

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4. Learn from our latest industry case studies

Leading engineering enterprises use Granta’s materials information technology for a wide range of applications across all sectors. Read our case studies to find out more—recent cases include applications in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer products sectors.

  • RUAG Space satelliteRUAG Space, a leading supplier of products (pictured) for the European space industry, and Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary, both used GRANTA MI in lightweighting projects, achieving substantial weight savings, cost and time savings.
  • ITP a leading company in the aerospace sector, used GRANTA MI to consolidate internal and external test data for the design and manufacture of engine components.
  • Technology development consultancy Continuum Blue quickly found a suitable plastic for a container, reducing consultancy time from months to weeks and considerably cutting the client’s costs, by using CES Selector.
See more case studies here  >

5. Sharing best practice and welcoming a new member to MDMC

NASA Glenn Research Center hosted the 28th six-monthly meeting of the Materials Data Management Consortium Meeting (MDMC) in Sandusky, OH, USA, on 26-28 July, attended by member organizations from over 20 top engineering enterprises.MDMC July 2016 meetingIn addition to the usual discussion of current and upcoming development projects to enhance the GRANTA MI software, members presented progress updates and one gave a very clear overview of a project to integrate their GRANTA MI implementation with PLM. There was intense interest from the other members, several of whom are undertaking similar projects.

There was a chance to welcome the newest member, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the multi-program national security laboratory based in California. The meeting also included a tour of NASA Plum Brook Station and NASA Glenn Research Center, where members saw the world’s largest and third-largest vacuum chambers, and hypersonic and supersonic wind tunnels.

Find out more about the MDMC >

6. Rolls-Royce to host first of three Material Intelligence Seminars

Seminars and User Meetings planned for UK, Germany, and France

Rolls-Royce will host the first of three Material Intelligence Seminars in the UK, France, and Germany. Find out how to get best value from your materials activities at the Open Seminar & 5th North European Granta Design User Meeting organized by Granta and hosted by Rolls-Royce in Derby, UK, on November 10 and 11. We’ll be asking how you can raise your organization’s materials IQ through best practice management of information about materials, and by applying the resulting intelligence in smart product development decisions.

Similar events will be held in Spring 2017:

Material Intelligence Seminars

At each event, the Open Seminar is for anyone interested in managing or applying materials information, including practical examples from industry, focus sessions, and demonstrations of the latest software. User Meetings are open to users of the GRANTA MI and CES Selector software, with sessions on development progress, feedback, and training. Both elements of the events offer an opportunity to network with peers in leading engineering organizations and to get your questions answered by Granta experts.

Find out more and sign up for the seminars >

7. New French office—and Granta is growing!

Lyon officeGranta has opened a new office in Lyon this month to provide its many customers throughout France with even better sales and services support. This is the latest step in Granta’s long-standing work with French industry and education, which already includes supporting leading companies such as Airbus, Safran, PSA Peugeot Citroën, and MBDA, and providing materials educators with teaching resources in Grandes Ecoles, universities and the Lycée system. Lyon is at the heart of France’s chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, and Granta’s office is located in the Matériautech plastics and composites innovation hub.

And expansion is not just limited to France – Granta is creating more than 20 new jobs to build on its success worldwide as part of the Granta is Growing campaign. We are always looking for great people who understand engineering and education, with language skills being valuable for a number of roles. Visit our careers pages to see the current opportunities.

Visit our careers pages >

8. Granta coordinates new EU-funded Clean Sky aerospace project

PLEIADESGranta has just started work to coordinate PLEIADES, a collaborative 4-year project enabling an integrated approach to the eco design of aerospace products. It is funded from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. Project partners are Granta and thinkstep, a leading eco-design software organization, the University of Stuttgart and the University of Surrey, providing expertise in areas such as lifecycle assessment. Rolls-Royce acts as Topic Manager, ensuring the project helps to deliver on objectives in the sustainable and green engines focus area.

PLEIADES’ aims include: developing eco-design tools to support aerospace engineering workflow; supporting a combined view of engineering, sustainability, and business considerations; ensuring effective use of materials and processes data; and focusing on the vital role of material and process decisions.

Read more on the Pleiades website >

9. Watch our webinars on demand

CES EduPack online trainingYou can now watch a wide selection of Granta’s web seminars on demand. Guest speakers from world-leading engineering enterprises—including Boeing, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, NASA, and more—present practical case studies and share best practice. Learn from industry experts about how to incorporate material intelligence in your organization. The recordings are grouped into four themes:

  • Materials information management

  • Restricted substances

  • Materials intelligence for simulation, CAD and PLM

  • Materials selection and substitution.

Visit our website, register for the webinar that most interests you, and you will get access to watch the other recordings in that theme.

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10. Training and video tip

Upcoming CES Selector and GRANTA MI training

GRANTA MI Training sessions are held on the second Tuesday of the month. CES Selector Training is held on the first Tuesday of alternate months.

The next free, online sessions are:

  Oct 11 GRANTA MI training: Importing, exporting and manipulating complex data types
  Nov 1 CES Selector training: Using the Eco Audit Tool
  Nov 8 GRANTA MI training: Using the MI:Scripting Toolkit for QA

Sign up for GRANTA MI training >

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Video tip—new functionality in CES Selector 2017

In each Granta Material News we link to information that helps users to get more from Granta software. In this clip, we look at new functionality in CES Selector 2017: new datasheet format; new restricted substance indicators and how they can be applied; and the new ‘Price per unit volume’ attribute. This clip shows some of the new features, and considers the scenario where a user is looking for a drop-in replacement for semi-rigid PVC that has a lower risk of containing restricted substances.

  Watch the video tips...  

Watch the video >

11. Come and meet us at upcoming events

Meet us at these events, conferences, and workshops, or sign up for our webinars:


  21-23 Experience Composites, Augsburg, Germany
  26-28 Additive Manufacturing for Medical Devices, Boston, MA, USA
  29 Webinar with Honeywell Aerospace: Harnessing metals reference data to support high-performance engineering applications


  5 Webinar: Considering restricted substances when downselecting or pre-screening material
  12-13 SIMULIA Regional User Meeting France, Vélizy Villacoublay, France
  13 Webinar: Selecting metals – considering processing costs
  17-18 VI International Scientific and Technical Conference, Moscow, Russia
  17-19 Siemens PLM Europe, Berlin, Germany
  20-21 AutoMatIC Consortium Meeting, Neckarsulm, Germany
  23-27 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) , Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  24-26 EMIT Consortium Meeting, Columbus, OH, USA


  2-3 SIMULIA Regional User Meeting UK, Cheshire, UK
  10-11 Material Intelligence Seminar – Northern Europe Seminar & UGM, Derby, UK
  29-1 Dec Composites Europe, Düsseldorf, Germany


  7 Webinar: Accessing an ‘encyclopaedia’ of materials data

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