December 10, 2018

CES EduPack Bulletin: CES EduPack Bulletin: Symposia summary, Sustainability resources, Workshops, Webinars, and more…

The quarterly update for educators teaching materials-related courses across science, design, and engineering
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Granta CES Edupack 2016
CES EduPack Bulletin
May 2016

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Materials Education Symposia the world’s biggest events for materials educators

Over 200 materials educators from around the world gathered in Cambridge and Berkeley for stimulating discussions at this spring’s Materials Education Symposia. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with almost everybody saying they would recommend the Symposia to their colleagues. Comments included: “There is no other opportunity like this to meet materials educators” and “This is my first time at the Symposium and I can guarantee I will be here next time”. The collegiate, supportive atmosphere was particularly valued by attendees.

This year’s themes across the two events included engaging student interest, broadening horizons, materials, design and bio-engineering. More than 50 posters were presented, provoking some lively discussions. Each Symposium was preceded by a CES EduPack short course, and as requested last year, by other workshops at the International Symposium.

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In this issue:



Materials Education Symposia



Sustainability: Textbook award, new resources



Focus on Asia/Pacific: Events in the region



Open development: Give us your feedback



New CES Selector Certificate Program



CES EduPack training: Monthly online sessions



Upcoming Events: Conferences, webinars and more

Download Symposia Summary

2. Textbook Award Winner – Materials and Sustainable Development

Materials and Sustainable DevelopmentMaterials and Sustainable Development, the latest textbook by Prof Mike Ashby, has won a 2016 Most Promising New Textbook Award from the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA). The book outlines a 5-step methodology for assessing the sustainability of a technological development. CES EduPack supports students as they use this methodology by providing data and the ability to perform an Eco Audit.

In response to feedback from people who use the Sustainable Development edition of CES EduPack, we are continuing to develop workshop and case study materials for sustainability. After a successful Sustainable Development Workshop at the MRS Spring Meeting, the latest workshop run by Granta preceded the recent IMES and it received good feedback – “Very informative, clear structure, I liked it very much.”

Download the new Sustainable Development Workshop Package designed to facilitate project based learning on this important area.

Download sustainability workshop package >

3. Focus on Asia/Pacific – Symposia, courses, resources

Upcoming Events

SingaporeProf Mike Ashby and Marc Fry will be among the keynote speakers at the Symposium on Teaching and Implementing Sustainability on June 28, hosted by the University of Science and Technology Beijing. The symposium will be followed by a two-day CES EduPack Workshop on June 29-30.

The second Asian Materials Education Symposium will be held on December 8-9, at the National University of Singapore (pictured). This follows the successful inaugural event in 2014, which welcomed more than 100 delegates from 13 countries including Australia, China, Japan, India and Singapore. The deadline to submit abstracts for talks is May 31.

Granta will also be attending the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) & The Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) 2016 in Seoul, Korea, on November 6-10.

Submit abstracts and register for Singapore >

New Mandarin teaching resources Resources in Mandarin

You can now find resources to help students use CES EduPack in Mandarin. The video tutorials are now available online in China and have Mandarin subtitles. An updated Getting Started Guide and Exercise booklets on how to create charts are also available.

See latest Mandarin resources >

We are running a webinar at 4PM CST on May 19 on Process Selection. We hope that many people from Asia/Pacific time zones will be able to join us.

4. Open Development

Materials Science and Engineering Database – Coming soon

Materials Science and Engineering DatabaseCES EduPack supports materials teaching across engineering, design and science and is used on courses based around various design-led and science-led textbooks.

In order to better support Material Science and Engineering Introductory courses we have been working on new data, tools and resources. We now have prototypes ready to show you and are looking for people that would like to give us some constructive feedback.

Give us your feedback >

Join the Introduction to Materials – Service Teaching web seminar on Thursday, June 2 to find out more about how CES EduPack supports the teaching of introductory materials courses to first and second year university students, and to see a preview of new tools for teaching these courses from a science-led perspective. The session will be of particular interest to educators who teach materials to students in other departments and subject areas that are looking for ideas on how to engage the students in materials.

Sign up for June 2 webinar >

5. New CES Selector Certificate Program

CES Selector Training - Certified UserCES Selector is used by research institutes and R&D departments in industry to find, analyze and visualize materials data, and to select materials for engineering applications. As it is created on the same principles as CES EduPack, students that use CES EduPack in their courses gain transferrable skills in using the software tools and performing rational selection that they can apply when using CES Selector in their future careers. The new CES Selector Certification Program enables students to refresh and validate these skills and to promote them to potential employers—for example, by including the fact that they are a Certified CES Selector user on their resume or CV.

Find out more about the Program >

CES EduPack online training6. CES EduPack online training

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month for free, interactive, web-based training for educators using CES EduPack.

Topics for the next sessions are:

  • May 11: The possibilities of the ProcessUniverse
  • June 8: Multiple-objective material selection

If you are an educator using CES EduPack and have not already signed up for this series, please register to receive your individual ID and password in advance of each session.

Register for training >

Upcoming events, short courses and webinars

Talking to you helps us to develop CES EduPack in a way that supports your teaching. You can meet us at these upcoming events, conferences, and short courses, as well as registering for our webinars.


  11 Seminar: Effective techniques for materials selection, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  17 Webinar: Advanced case studies on material selection for aerospace applications
  19 Webinar: Streamlined Process Selection Case Studies
  24-25 SLUB/TU Dresden and Granta CES EduPack/CES Selector Short Courses, SLUB, Dresden, Germany


  2 Webinar: Introduction to Materials – Service Teaching
  24 Workshop: From Introductory Materials Teaching to Advanced Material Selection Case Studies with CES EduPack, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA
  26 ASEE Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA
  26 Workshop: Green Engineering – Materials, Eco-Design and Sustainable Development with CES EduPack, ASEE Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA
  28 Symposium on Teaching and Implementing Sustainability, USTB, Beijing, China
  29-30 CES EduPack Workshop, USTB, Beijing, China


  10 Sustainable Development Workshop at Junior EUROMAT 2016, Switzerland
  15 Formula Student Competition, Silverstone, UK
  19 ISEE 2016
Interdisciplinary Engineering
, Sheffield, UK


  12-15 SEFI Annual Conference, Tampere, Finland
  15 CES EduPack Short Course: Introductory Materials Teaching from Undergraduate to Postgraduate, Northumbria University, UK
  27-29 Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Congress 2016, Darmstadt, Germany

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