December 10, 2018

CES EduPack Bulletin: November 2016

The quarterly update for educators teaching materials-related courses across science, design, and engineering
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Granta CES Edupack 2016
CES EduPack Bulletin
November 2016

Download Skateboard Case Study – click here

Working with Industry is fun!

How to design a high-performance skateboard

Benjamin Hornblow, composites specialist at technological consultancy FORCE Technology, pictured above, has worked on high-performance skateboard design. He used CES Selector to select composite materials with optimal stiffness and weight for his designs.

Claes Fredriksson, who leads the development of Industrially-based case studies at Granta, has 15 years of university teaching experience and understands the power of an engaging topic when interacting with students.

This fall, Claes has enjoyed collaborating with Benjamin to produce this technical CES EduPack case study on High-Performance Longboard Design.

Download the case study >

In this issue:

Skateboard Design: Download a free Industrial Case Study


Skateboard design



Free monthly online CES EduPack training



Symposia: Exciting speaker line-up



Shared Teaching Resources



CES EduPack continues to develop



New edition of Ashby text book – and a blog






Meet us at events, conferences, webinars


2. Inspirational CES EduPack training – free for a limited period!

CES EduPack online trainingJoin Claes Fredriksson and Hannah Melia, leader of our Education Development Team, on the second Wednesday of each month for inspirational, interactive, web-based training which is currently open to all educators using CES EduPack free of charge.

Dec 14: Teaching Materials Science with CES EduPack. We will preview some features for electronic structure that are planned for the Elements database in the 2017 editions of the software. We will also showcase and share our latest prototype for an interactive phase diagram tool.

Jan 11: Getting Started with CES EduPack.

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3. Interactive and international Symposia program

Materials Education Symposia 2017The full program has been announced for the 9th International Materials Education Symposium, at the University of Cambridge, UK, on April 6-7. Confirmed speakers include William Callister (Utah, USA), Ke Lu (IMR, China), Lorna Gibson (MIT, USA), and Mark Miodownik (UCL, UK).

This year, for the first time, the program will feature a debate session – the topic is ‘Undergraduate Materials Teaching: have we got it right?’ Another exciting development for the Symposium is the ‘flipped classroom’, which is becoming increasingly popular among educators.

Register now for the early bird rate, which is available until December 31, and there is still time to submit your poster abstract before the deadline on January 31. This year’s theme is Education and Industry.

See the full program >

NUSThere is just about time to register for the 2nd Asian Materials Education Symposium, hosted by the National University of Singapore on December 8-9. The impressive list of speakers includes Shenmin Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong), Srinivasa Ranganathan (IISc Bangalore) and Kristin Wood (SUTD).

MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, will host the 8th North American Materials Education Symposium on August 24-25. The theme is Materials Education Innovation. Submit your talk abstract by January 31, and register before April 30 for the early-bird registration rate.

Register and submit abstracts >

4. Share your teaching resources

CHIMaD databaseThere is a growing trend for educators to share their resources with the global Materials Education community, and many are doing that through our Teaching Resources website – it is the place to be!

This month we added the CHiMaD Design Data for Co Superalloys Database to the website. The data was calculated using Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) methods by the Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD), ASM and NIST. The authors, from Northwestern University and NIST, are Carrie Campbell, Greg Olson, Ricardo Komai, Peishang Wang and Shengyen Li. The database is available to open in CES Selector and CES EduPack and the authors have also contributed property definitions and teaching examples.

We are constantly adding to the library of inspirational shared resources. Recent additions from around the world include a materials selection case study from the University of Padova, exercises from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and a materials selection video from the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden, Germany.

Take a look at the website and see if there is something useful there for you.

Browse shared resources >

5. CES EduPack continues to develop

CES EduPack is developed by a team of people who are passionate about Education and their areas of expertise They are always listening to feedback from the people who use it and using that so we can make CES EduPack even better.

Luca Masi is an aerospace engineer, he leads developments in the Aerospace Edition and he supports universities in the USA. You can meet him at SciTech (Jan 9-13) in Grapevine, TX, USA. Pippa Newby holds a PhD on Multifunctional biomaterials and she leads the development of the Bio Edition. You can speak to her following a webinar on biomedical devices on Nov 29.

Meet the team


Meet the team >

6. New edition of Ashby book – and a Q&A blog with the author

Materials Selection in Mechanical DesignCES EduPack is used alongside many textbooks, one of which has just been updated. The 5th edition of Mike Ashby’s book, Materials Selection in Mechanical Design, is now available. In a blog, he talks about what inspired the new version – he explains that material data, selection methods and teaching needs all evolve with time, so each chapter has been revised.

Mike is also featured in the SciTech Connect ‘Ask an Academic’ blog, discussing his research and work. When asked how he would explain his work to a stranger on a bus, he said: “Everything you use, touch, travel in or sleep in is made of materials, indeed our comfort, health, security and prosperity all depend in varying degrees on materials.

"I work with teams in Cambridge to assemble information about materials in the broadest sense, documenting their properties and the things you can do with them. This is built into software and teaching resources to help students understand materials and guide materials selection for engineering and product design.”

See the new edition and more textbooks >

7. WEEF & GEDC 2016

WEEF/GEDCGranta’s Marc Fry and Jorge Sobral joined more than 750 people from 55 countries last week for the World Engineering Education Forum and Global Engineering Deans Council 2016 in Seoul, Korea. They were particularly interested to hear the presentation by C. D. Mote Jr, President of the US National Academy of Engineering, on what it considers to be the grand challenges facing engineering.

Congratulations to Maria Mercedes Larrondo Petrie on receiving the IFEES Duncan Fraser Global Award for Excellence in Engineering Education. She was recognized for her outstanding teaching, training of engineering educators, her mentorship, and her impact on diversity and inclusion. The award is supported by Granta. See more about IFEES at

8. Upcoming events, short courses and webinars


  11-17 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition 2016, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  29 Webinar: Case study on materials selection for biomedical devices


  1 Webinar: Les outils d’experts matériaux pour l’enseignement avancé et la recherche (French language)
  5-7 Global Engineering Education Leader Conference, Shenzhen, China
  8-9 2nd Asian Materials Education Symposium, National University of Singapore
  10 CES EduPack Short Course at the 2nd Asian Materials Education Symposium, Singapore
  13 Webinar: Advanced tools for materials teaching and research


  9-13 SciTech, Grapevine, TX, USA
  22-27 ICACC17, Daytona Beach, FL, USA
  26 Webinar: Managing materials risks for sustainable design and circular economy


  7 Webinar: Cómo gestionar los materiales críticos en el desarrollo sostenible y la economía circular (Spanish language)
  26-Mar 2 TMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA
  26 Professional Development Course at TMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA

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