December 10, 2018

CES EduPack Bulletin: CES EduPack 2016, Symposium registration, Products Database, Workshops, Webinars, and more…

The quarterly update for educators teaching materials-related courses across science, design, and engineering
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Granta CES Edupack 2016
CES EduPack Bulletin
January 2016

CES EduPack 2016 help students to engage sooner and dig deeper

CES EduPack 2016 - Find out What's new in this webinar

CES EduPack 2016 features enhancements and resources to get students up-to-speed even faster, enabling them to engage with the world of materials. Charting improvements, new tools, and extended data to support real case studies all make it easier for you to dig deep into materials and their applications through lectures and projects, helping students to develop a more complete understanding. New features include:

  • Enhanced chart annotation including trade-off curves, coupling lines, and display lines – clearer explanation and easier selection
  • Part Cost Estimator – study manufacturing cost, accounting for the material, shaping processes, part size and complexity, batch size, and waste recycling
  • Data to support real case studies – data on metals, plastics, composites, and processes has been enhanced and updated, including latest price data
  • Support independent learning – students can easily access high-quality case studies, video tutorials, and Teach Yourself booklets. Download a booklet on Material Property Definitions for free.
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In this issue:



CES EduPack 2016: Engage students sooner and dig deeper



Materials Education Symposia: Register now for Spring events



From pre-university teaching to advanced selection: Webinars



Short courses and workshops: Events around the world



CES EduPack Alumni:

Join new LinkedIn group



New Products, Materials and Processes database: See video



CES EduPack training: Monthly online sessions



Upcoming Events: Conferences, webinars and more

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Web seminars introducing CES EduPack 2016

Join our webinar on Thursday, January 28 when Prof Mike Ashby and Hannah Melia will discuss how to engage students in materials using the new CES EduPack 2016.

Register for Jan 28 webinar >

The new features in CES EduPack 2016 will also be discussed in webinars in French, German, Italian and Spanish in the coming weeks. Follow the links below to register.

If you are an educator using CES EduPack and are signed up for the monthly online training sessions, Prof Mike Ashby will focus on CES EduPack 2016 on February 10.

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2. Materials Education Symposia – register now for upcoming events

Poster abstract deadline for Berkeley and Cambridge: January 31

Materials Education Symposia at UC Berkeley, and Cambridge UniversityJoin the Symposia where the university-level materials education community meets to discuss ideas, tools, and best practice relating to the teaching of materials across engineering, design, and science. The full programs are now online for the North American Materials Education Symposium, at UC Berkeley, on March 17-18, and the International Materials Education Symposium in Cambridge on April 7-8.

There is still time to submit abstracts for posters for the two Spring Symposia, with a deadline of January 31. The overall theme for 2016 is Teaching Materials and Engineering Design.

Each two-day Symposium will be preceded by an optional short course, suitable for anyone who is new to CES EduPack or wants a refresher on its use. The Cambridge event will also feature an advanced course and workshops.

The second Asian Materials Education Symposium will be held at the National University of Singapore on December 8-9, followed by an optional short course on December 10. The abstract deadline for talks is March 31. A loyalty rate is available to past attendees who register before March 31.

See programs, submit abstracts, and register >

3. From pre-university teaching to advanced selection case studies

Advanced Materials Selection for Mechanical Design with CES EduPack 2016Materials Selection and Mechanical Design is the premier textbook for teaching materials selection worldwide. Join our ‘Advanced Materials Selection for Mechanical Design with CES EduPack 2016’ webinar on March 2 when Prof Mike Ashby presents advanced selection projects using the new coupling lines and trade-off curves in CES EduPack 2016.

Learn about ‘Introducing key materials properties and concepts to pre-university students’ in our webinar on February 17. Discover the latest information and resources available to help educators engage students by showing them the links between materials and products.

Join the ‘Designing new and improved biomaterials’ webinar on March 16 to learn about the information and tools available in CES Selector to help you compare data on your materials with current reference materials. Make informed decisions in the design of new and improved biomaterials.

See all webinars and register >

4. Short courses and workshops around the world

Short courses and workshops present opportunities to discuss materials teaching with like-minded colleagues and to hear from Granta experts how CES EduPack is used in different ways for teaching. These courses get tremendous feedback – recent comments include: "This was an eye-opener for me and my colleagues on materials education" and "Good mixture of theory, practical work and examples". The first workshop of the year was ‘Teaching Materials: Properties, Selection and Eco Design’ (pictured) at the Inholland Hogeschool, in Delft, which attracted attendees from The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. We have busy schedule of courses and workshops in North America, Europe and Asia for the next six months.

North America:Workshop on 'Teaching Materials: Properties, Selection and Eco Design’ at the Inholland Hogeschool, in Delft



  • June 29-30: CES EduPack Short Course and Workshop with Prof Mike Ashby and Marc Fry, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Contact us to arrange a short course or workshop at your university.

See all courses and register >

5. Join the new CES EduPack Alumni Group on LinkedIn

LinkedInStudents that have used CES EduPack can network and share experiences as they search for their first jobs in industry. If your students are on LinkedIn, please suggest that they join the new CES EduPack Alumni Group to interact with others selecting materials in industry, to network and get access to employment opportunities, and to find out about Granta Design’s software for industry (e.g., CES Selector). Granta’s industrial customers are keen to interact with bright students that have the transferable skills CES EduPack supports in materials, materials selection, design thinking, data handling and making good decisions.

Learn more and join the group >

6. New Products, Materials and Processes database

See a video on the new Products, Materials and Processes databaseEngaged students learn more and are more enjoyable to teach. The new Products, Materials and Processes database aims to inspire designers and engage engineers to learn more about materials and processes through products. This is a Pre-release database, available at no cost, this year, for all those using CES EduPack 2016.

Watch the video to find out more >

7. CES EduPack online training

CES EduPack online trainingJoin us on the second Wednesday of each month for free, interactive, web-based training for educators using CES EduPack.

Topics for the next two sessions are:

  • Feb 10: What’s New in CES EduPack 2016?
  • Mar 9: Adding your own data and models in CES EduPack and CES Selector

If you are an educator using CES EduPack and have not already signed up for this series, please register to receive your individual ID and password in advance of each session.

Register for training >

8. Upcoming events, short courses and webinars

Talking to you helps us to develop CES EduPack in a way that supports your teaching. You can meet us at these upcoming events, conferences, and short courses, as well as registering for our webinars.


  28 Webinar: Engaging students in materials with CES EduPack 2016


  2 Webinar: Werkstofflehre – angewandt und interaktiv (in German)
  3 Webinar: Comment susciter l’intérêt des étudiants pour les matériaux avec CES EduPack 2016? (in French)
  4 Webinar: Cómo suscitar el interés de los estudiantes por los materiales con CES EduPack 2016 (in Spanish)
  11 Designing in Plastics Now and Then: a hands on workshop for designers and industrialists, Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), Bournemouth, UK
  14 Short course: Explore CES Software Tools for Materials Related Critical Decision-Making in Industry, Research and Education, Nashville, TN, USA
  14-18 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Nashville, TN, USA
  17 Webinar: Systematische Materialauswahl als Strategie für Leichtbau (in German)
  17 Webinar: Introducing materials properties in pre-university teaching
  24 Webinar: Migliorare l´insegnamento e la ricerca dei materiali nell´ingegneria e disegno industriale (in Italian)
  25-26 ASM Edmonton Education Course 2016: Material Selection, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


  1-3 D-A-CH User Group & Open Seminar, Nürnberg, Germany
  2 Webinar: Advanced Materials Selection for Mechanical Design with CES EduPack 2016
  16 Webinar: Designing new and improved biomaterials
  16 Short Course at 7th North American Materials Education Symposium, UC Berkeley, USA
  17-18 7th North American Materials Education Symposium, UC Berkeley, USA
  28-1 Apr MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, USA


  5-6 Short Course and Workshops at 8th International Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, UK
  7-8 8th International Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, UK
  14-15 Systematische Werkstoffauswahl, Karlsruhe, Germany


  24 Short course at Northwestern University, Chicago, OH, USA
  26 Workshop: Green Engineering – Materials, Eco-Design and Sustainable Development with CES EduPack, ASEE Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA
  29-30 Short Course and Workshop with Prof Mike Ashby and Marc Fry, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

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