March 18, 2020

The new GRANTA EduPack 2020 is the world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering and design.

Ansys Granta announces the release of Ansys GRANTA EduPack 2020. GRANTA EduPack is the new name for CES EduPack, the leading software used by educators at over 1,000 universities and colleges to introduce engineering students to materials and material selection for mechanical design. Besides a fresh look for the EduPack software, GRANTA EduPack includes databases to support biomedical and design courses, and extended software functionalities to support project work.

GRANTA EduPack logoOriginating in the work of Professor Mike Ashby and collaborators at the University of Cambridge, CES EduPack was developed for over twenty years by the team at Granta Design in partnership with the Materials Education community. Following the 2019 acquisition of Granta by Ansys, the work of the Ansys Granta Education Team continues, as demonstrated by this latest release, which also reflects the Team’s new home by refreshing the EduPack brand and user experience. 

GRANTA EduPack 2020 provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information, powerful tools and teaching resources to support a wide variety of approaches to materials education. The GRANTA EduPack software is an engaging, interactive, visual way to support students of materials from an introductory level through to advanced capstone design projects. The new release offers:

  • For introductory materials teaching: tools to support the introduction to materials from multiple perspectives and to drive student progression. New databases for biomedical and design courses augment existing resources targeted at areas including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and materials science.
  • For advanced engineering course work: resources that help to give teaching ‘real world’ relevance, now including additional advanced materials selection tools and the ability to export materials data into simulation software for design projects. 

GRANTA EduPack 2020 download instructions will be sent to current EduPack customers with an active license during the next two months, enabling preparation for its use in teaching during the next academic year.

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EduPack 2020 software Level 2 property chart

Materials property chart in the new GRANTA EduPack user interface.


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