September 12, 2019

ANSYS Granta has announced GRANTA Selector 2020, renaming and updating the leading software for materials selection.

With the upcoming release of the leading software for materials selection, CES Selector™ will become GRANTA Selector™.  As Granta joins the ANSYS family, we are bringing all of our industry-leading materials information technology solutions under one ANSYS® GRANTA™ brand. The new name also reflects a refreshed look and feel and some great new features, which will become available with the GRANTA Selector 2020 release, due for shipment in November. These include:

  • A new global metals specifications database, which consolidates existing metals data into one table and adds the ASM Alloy Finder data. Not only do you get more data, but it is now much easier to compare and select metals using a resource with greater global coverage.
  • The latest versions of key materials databases plus improved searchability and linking across the full GRANTA Selector data offering: It’s easier to find reliable, up-to-date data.
  • The ability to export property curves to a broad range of leading CAE and CAD tools, plus a new feature to make it easier to find records that contain this data. Save time and avoid error when finding and inputting data for simulation.
  • A new floating concurrent license option supported by FLEX licensing technology, offering some alternative ways to provide flexible access to GRANTA Selector for your team.
  • For users of ANSYS software: license and delivery via standard ANSYS mechanisms, and integration with ANSYS Workbench.

Read more about what’s new in GRANTA Selector 2020.


GRANTA Selector 2020 materials property chart showing updated user interface

The refreshed user interface to GRANTA Selector 2020


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