December 4, 2014

Update enhances support for materials engineering, industrial design, simulation, product development, regulatory risk management, and more

Cambridge, UK – December 04, 2014 Granta Design today announced GRANTA MI™ Version 8, the latest release of their flagship materials information management software. A standout feature is MI:Explore, an innovative new web application (app), that gives diverse user groups fast access to the data they need. In addition, database implementation and management have been made significantly faster and easier, with enhancements including Next Generation Access Control, which supports the most complex of security requirements. The new release will enable corporate materials knowledge to be applied by more people, across more locations, in support of more initiatives than ever before.

The new MI:Explore web app is an intuitive graphical interface through which users can interact instantly with materials information, with no training required. The app can be configured to present specific user groups with a tailored experience, exposing only the data and tools that they need. In addition, a new Web Platform Development Kit enables companies to build their own web applications on top of Granta’s robust data management platform.

Core system updates make GRANTA MI more powerful than ever, particularly in serving the needs of materials engineering teams. New smart template technology cuts the time required to configure reliable, error-proof data import templates from hours to minutes. Next Generation Access Control reflects the dynamic nature of materials data access throughout the product lifecycle, and makes it easier to manage the myriad permissions and authorizations required as data flows through the system. GRANTA MI Version 8 can also be integrated easily with existing company authorization systems (e.g. Kerberos).

Making use of the functionality offered by MI:Explore, the new MI:Industrial Design Package provides a unique set of tools for design-led companies, both inspiring product designers with highly visual access to relevant materials information and ensuring consistency of materials choices. Designers can browse a company’s preferred list of materials using design-relevant criteria such as color or texture, confident that their material choices are aligned with engineering possibilities.

Support for simulation and product development is also improved through further integration with CAD, CAE, and PLM solutions.MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh™ is the latest addition to the MI:Materials Gateway range, offering access to controlled materials data directly within Altair’s leading CAE pre-processor. MI:Materials Gateway applications exist for many leading engineering software solutions – PTC’s Windchill PLM system was another recent addition to this list.

The new Version 8 release also includes all recent updates to the database structures and materials reference data available with GRANTA MI. The new Restricted Substances Database Template builds on the advice of the EMIT Consortium’s leading aerospace members, creating a proven system for managing the risks associated with restricted substances. The GRANTA MI data library includes updates from leading providers of metals and plastics data, plus the latest version of Granta’s MaterialUniverse — engineering, economic, and environmental property profiles for the full range of engineering materials.

“Materials knowledge is a powerful asset, and we want to maximize our customers’ ability to use this information to their advantage,”commented Dan Williams, Product Manager at Granta Design. “With GRANTA MI Version 8, we’ve made it easier to put materials knowledge to use, by making it more accessible, usable, and meaningful to more people than ever before”.


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