December 4, 2017

New version reduces risk, drives innovation, and saves time and cost across the enterprise

Cambridge, UK. Granta Design today announced GRANTA MI™ Version 11, the latest release of its leading materials information management software. More engineering enterprises than ever are rolling out programs to digitalize their materials information; GRANTA MI Version 11 accelerates this process, with new features for deploying materials knowledge enterprise-wide, while ensuring consistency, accuracy, and complete traceability. There are enhanced tools for visualization and analysis of test data, managing product risk, and ensuring robust data management workflows.

GRANTA MI enables companies to create a single corporate materials information system, managing their own proprietary materials knowledge alongside comprehensive materials reference information. GRANTA MI apps enable users to explore, integrate, and apply this data. Many of these apps have been updated.

Making it easy for users across the enterprise to access and apply the materials data that they need is MI:Explore, an intuitive web app that can be configured for specific user groups and applications. The latest version is much easier to configure, via a simple admin interface, and offers faster loading and support for larger datasets. With MI:Explore, organizations can deliver an outstanding user experience, tailored to the exact requirements of their user community, helping to ensure better quality materials decisions.

The latest version of the MI:Mat Analyzer app, which provides graphing and visualization capabilities to GRANTA MI users, has been enhanced with capabilities supporting statistical analysis of test data. With the MI:Scripting Toolkit, materials engineers can also integrate their own analysis methods. It’s easier than ever to generate data for design, or CAE cards for simulation, ensuring that they are traceable to their source.

As announced earlier this quarter, Version 11 features updates of MI:Enterprise Connect and MI:Materials Gateway – key software components that integrate material intelligence with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, and that support Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE).

To avoid regulatory issues, such as non-compliance with REACH for restricted substances, MI:Restricted Substances provides a fast, efficient system for identifying and avoiding risks in company materials and specifications. New features such as batch reports, local tabular data searching, and Excel-to-MI:Viewer copy-and-paste make it easier to generate reports and enable more powerful and flexible queries of the critical data.

GRANTA MI is not just about managing materials data – it helps engineering enterprises to improve and control the processes by which this data is generated, analyzed, managed, and used. In Version 11, an enhanced MI:Workflow app ensures robust, auditable materials information processes. With the MI:Remote Import web app it’s now easier for authorized users to get data into the system.

Finally, the library of materials reference data available with GRANTA MI has also been updated with the latest versions of trusted references such as CAMPUS Plastics and Stahldat SX steels. JAHM Curve Data supports simulation and provides high temperature data. UL Yellow Cards are a globally-recognized safety and quality guarantee for plastics.

“Through our conversations with the user community, we’re seeing the digitalization of materials knowledge go from ‘nice-to-have’, to a ‘must-have’ for any engineering enterprise,” commented Dr Rob Davis, Head of GRANTA MI Product Management at Granta Design. “GRANTA MI accelerates that process. Version 11 rolls-up all of the changes we’ve made in the last year in response to customer feedback, and adds some more: a total of 380 changes to make the system faster, easier-to-use, and higher quality.”


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