January 31, 2020

ANSYS Granta releases a new product providing fast-start access to its leading materials data management technology for design and simulation teams

This month’s ANSYS 2020 R1 release includes ANSYS GRANTA MI Pro, a new fast-start materials data management solution from the ANSYS Granta team.

GRANTA MI Pro draws upon the industry-leading technology provided in the GRANTA MI Enterprise solution, which supports enterprise-wide management of materials information at hundreds of major engineering enterprises globally.  

With GRANTA MI Pro, a subset of the GRANTA MI Enterprise tools are provided in a package focused on one particular application: providing input data for design and simulation. GRANTA MI Pro makes it easy to build a list of materials and their properties from in-house sources and suppliers, and to combine this data with simulation-relevant reference data from the ANSYS Granta data library. This combined resource can then be made available to the design and simulation community via direct integration with their NX CAD or ANSYS Workbench CAE environments.

GRANTA MI Pro is ideal as a starting-point on the materials information management journey for larger organizations where providing data to design and simulation is an urgent priority, or as a solution for smaller organizations with focused requirements.

More information here.

Find out about GRANTA MI Pro at this webinar – 20 Feb, 2020 and available on-demand after the event.


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