December 4, 2019

ANSYS Granta has announced GRANTA MI 2020, delivering a new experience for enterprise materials information management.

Accurate materials information is essential for any product development organization. A single, gold-source of materials information ensures accuracy and traceability for simulation teams, product designers, and throughout the product development lifecycle.

The new GRANTA MI 2020 release meets this need with a significantly-improved user experience across the enterprise. GRANTA MI customers will see a faster, more intuitive, and easier-to-use system. If you’re not yet using GRANTA MI, find out how you could benefit from shared, consistent, and reliable materials information across your engineering teams.

New features include: enhanced apps for accessing materials data with CAD and CAE, now including integration with ANSA simulation software; slicker search for all users; more flexible licensing options; new capabilities for charting data in GRANTA MI web apps; new data analysis features; and updated materials reference data.

Read more about what’s new in GRANTA MI 2020 >


Viewing curve data from JAHM in MI:Explore

Viewing materials data in the enhanced MI:Explore web app


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