November 4, 2019

At an ANSYS Granta webinar, Embraer explained their use of the GRANTA MI system to support REACH compliance

Restricted substances or materials-at-risk can cause huge problems for product development organizations. If you don’t respond to regulations like REACH or TCSA, the results can be multi-million-dollar costs, product delays, and reputational damage. At a recent ANSYS Granta webinar, Renato Favarin from aerospace industry leader EMBRAER described what they are doing to remove risk from their materials and processes and to consider compliance during design, where change costs least for most impact.

You can view the webinar on demand to:

  • Learn how REACH and similar legislation can affect the materials you use, and your products and processes

  • Hear from EMBRAER on best practice risk-management strategies based on practical analytics, reporting and decision-making tools

  • See case study examples of analyzing materials, processes, and specifications to eliminate risk

  • Get a tour of resources that allow you to base decisions on robust data about the materials and specifications that drive risk

  • Find out how to enable fast risk assessment as regulations change.

View the webinar.


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