The second in a series in which we meet the Granta team. We spoke with our colleague Pippa, to find out what she enjoys about being an Education Account Manager, and which scientist and material inspires her most. We’re always looking for like-minded individuals who have passion and drive to make positive change to our educational practices, take a look at our current opportunities if you think this could be you.

“As a member of the Education division I work with universities and colleges across the globe including the UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia. I support them in the use of both CES EduPack and CES Selector, for teaching and research respectively, from initial engagement to see if the software will help their current teaching right through to advising them on the deployment and use of the software.

The other part of my role is focused on the development of Bioengineering activities within the Education division. This includes answering bioengineering questions that come in from academics, developing new teaching resources such as the latest Suture Anchor case study, delivering webinars, and driving software or data development for the CES EduPack Bioengineering edition.

Pippa delivers engaging educational talks at universities and colleges around the world

I enjoy speaking with the academics I work with and meeting them at events. It’s great to find out about their courses and their teaching, and to help them use the software and resources to enhance their teaching. Our team is fantastically diverse, with members coming from a range of backgrounds and countries, meaning I have learnt a great deal from them. It’s great to work in a team that is passionate about education and supporting the academics that we work with.

Left: Bioglass structure under a microscope – Right: Bioglass sample (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

My favourite Scientist, which leads on nicely to my favourite material, is Professor Larry Hench, who sadly passed away this time last year. Most of his research focused on glasses, especially for biological applications. He is best known as the inventor of Bioglass (my favourite material) which was the first synthetic material that could bond to living tissue. His urge to help returning veterans has inspired a whole generation of biomaterial research focusing not on inert materials that won’t be rejected from the body but materials that will work with the body’s biology to support regeneration. This discovery inspired researchers to think about new ways to engineer materials for the body which lead to the field we know today as regenerative medicine. He also published 6 children’s books centred around a bionic cat, which aimed to dispel the stereotype that scientists are socially awkward! He was an advocate of health, education and mentoring and able to see the impact that his discovery had on people’s lives.”

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