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Getting Started exercise sets



Icon Browse, Search & Chart

This document contains an introduction to the main selection tools in Granta Selector, in addition to exercises covering use of the Browse and Search tools to find materials, and how to plot material properties from the database.

Icon Save & Copy

This set of exercises covers saving, exporting and copying selection projects and materials data.

Icon Functional Data

This set of exercises covers how to view and specify parameters for functional data.

Icon Compare and Find Similar

This set of exercises covers how to compare the performance of different materials with a Comparison Table, or use the Find Similar tool to find records with similar properties to an existing material.

Icon Select using Chart, Limit & Tree stages

This set of exercises covers how to use each of the three types of selection stage in Granta Selector, and how to use the Engineering Solver tool to calculate material properties for use in the Limit Stage.

Icon Customize charts and data

This set of exercises covers how to customize charts, plot custom data, and define custom subsets for selection.

Icon Advanced Selection

This set of exercises covers advanced selection techniques and how to apply them in a Chart Stage: plotting combined properties, using performance indices, and creating trade-off plots.

Icon Eco Audit

This set of exercises guides you through a case study using Eco Audit, comparing the environmental impact of two plastics used to make water bottles.

Icon Synthesizer

These exercises will guide you through estimating the properties of hybrid materials, battery modules and packs, or the overall cost of a product with the Synthesizer tool.