Certification Program

Extend and validate your knowledge of CES Selector and GRANTA Selector with training and certification.
  • Validate your experience in using GRANTA Selector or CES EduPack; promote this experience, e.g., to potential employers
  • Extend your knowledge and use of materials selection tools and methodologies
  • Apply GRANTA Selector more effectively, making quicker and more informed materials decisions.

There are two levels: Certified and Professional. You receive a certificate on passing each level.

Note, from November 2019, CES Selector is renamed ‘GRANTA Selector’.  Training and certification applies to the product under both names.

Certified user

Provides initial training (at no cost) for users. 

Also ideal for students or graduates to validate experience with CES EduPack and advertise a valuable skill to employers.

  • Fully eLearning-based for present users of GRANTA Selector and CES EduPack, and past users of CES Selector.
  • Online training materials to brush up your knowledge or help you get started.
  • Covers: the data in GRANTA Selector; core search, comparison and selection tools.
  • Validated through an online test, open to all.

Professional user

Takes your GRANTA Selector experience to a level that enables proficient use in industry or research. These users know how to apply datasets, tools and selection methodologies in GRANTA Selector to solve practical materials selection or substitution problems.

  • Open to all users with an active license of GRANTA Selector.
  • eLearning-based resources and tools
  • Covers: Defining design requirements, the 5 main selection scenarios, recommended selection workflow, and communication of results
  • Validated by demonstration of proficiency through attendance of either a 1 day workshop, or advanced web training combined with a presentation at a Granta User Group Meeting or webinar – details of training opportunities here.

Training library

View recordings of GRANTA Selector training webinars

Getting started

View videos and download Getting Started guides.