Simulation and ICME

Empower simulation of materials or products with traceable data that ensures accuracy.

Good simulation needs good materials data as input.

With GRANTA MI, you can ensure that Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) analysts find approved, accurate, consistent materials data that is fully traceable to its source. This could be materials models derived by your in-house experts from proprietary testing and analysis, or trusted reference data from Granta and our data partners. We’re also supporting materials simulation, including innovative projects developing and applying Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME).

The video shows access to materials data within the ANSYS Mechanical simulation software, using a Granta app.

Engineering simulation

Using simulation packages such as ANSYS, Altair, Abaqus/CAE, ANSA, or Hypermesh? Get the right materials data, in the right format, error-free. Guarantee full traceability, increase confidence in results and re-use of data, and enable a more efficient workflow between CAD and CAE.

Reference data

Cost-effective, quick, and efficient access to authoritative sources of input data for simulation.

ICME – enabling ‘Materials 4.0’

Granta’s vision is to provide the materials information infrastructure that will enable ‘Materials 4.0’ – the materials response to the challenges of the Industry 4.0 era.

Industry 4.0 is creating ‘cyber-physical systems’ that integrate the real and virtual worlds.  Materials 4.0 will also combine experiment and simulation to drive the next generation of materials technologies, for example, in areas like Additive Manufacturing. One key element will be Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) – an emerging discipline that seeks to apply computational methods at multiple length scales, validating the results alongside experimental data, and applying them to understand and improve materials performance.

Granta is already supporting ICME projects, particularly working with members of our MDMC community and through our Collaborative R&D projects.  We are also ensuring that our GRANTA MI system evolves to meet the future requirements for ICME data infrastructure.  For example, Granta was a contributor to the NASA report ‘Vision 2040: A Roadmap for Integrated, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Materials and Systems’.

Interested in collaborating?

If you have an interest in engineering simulation, materials design, or ICME and would like to explore collaboration, get in touch.


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